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Chain Gang

Lefty: "How would you justify being anti-abortion yet defending freedom for the women of Afghanistan?"

MAGA: "Well, ya see, if women wear burqas they ain't sexy. And if they ain't sexy we don't wanna have sex with 'em. And if we don't have sex with 'em they don't get pregnant. And if they don't get pregnant we can't control their reproduction rights. So, you see, this is just what God intended."


Trump treated the Taliban and the Covid-19 virus in exactly the same way. He did everything within his power to set them loose and allow them to grow in strength.


Not to sound TOO cruel but...

If you're unvaccinated don't go to the hospital if you get sick with covid. They need room for people who give a damn about their health.

If you're an evangelical don't go, either, because Jesus will heal you. Right?

And if you still support Trump, don't bother, because he said this pandemic, which was a hoax, was all going to be over in April. Of 2020.


It needs to be understood by all that the next time the GOP gets the reins of power to the White House they will certainly weaponize the DOJ again for the benefit of the new Republican despot. This is now the new normal for them.

Vote Blue like this country depends on you, because it's now war between the Republicans and the Constitution.


Dear Conservatives;

Don't listen to medical professionals. I can guarantee you that ivermectin kills Covid-19.

You see, if you have covid and you decide to ingest medicine designed to kill intestinal parasites in farm animals then not only will you kill yourselves, you'll also take the virus with you.

So go for it, little Red Hats. I'll get the popcorn.


One of my favorite Bible stories is when Moses came down from the mountain, burned the Golden Calf to ashes, threw the ashes into some water, made the Children of Israel drink it, and then arbitrarily had his Sons of Levi put 3000 Calf-ers to the sword.

You know.... because.

It's such a good, uplifting story for the kids. You know what I mean?


While I'm waxing objectively heretic, last week Kharkov asked why my cheeky little humanist website, bornagainpagan.com, hasn't been updated in, like, forever.

It's because one day in 2017, after going live in 2002, Google decided to consider BAP a "hate site" and killed all my Google Ad revenue. Not to sound TOO mercenary but that was one of the perky incentives for building and maintaining the site.

So, technically speaking, I'm in a snit.

I investigated alternate forms of revenue but they all came to naught. There's currently a begging button on the site so I guess I should either continue updating the site or delete the button. Or delete the site.

Since I'm of the opinion that the inter-tubes NEEDS a site like BAP I think I'll just quietly ponder a minor rebuild in the near future to bring it up to code and then I'll see where that leads me. Stay tuned.


end rant

News & Notes for August 23th, 2021

Pentagon mandates Covid-19 vaccine for military.

F.D.A. grants full approval of Pfizer vaccine.

Texas Lt. Governor blames Black people for spreading covid (Of COURSE he does.).

Trump booed at rally after telling crowd to get the vaccine.

Stop blaming Biden for Trump's Afghanistan mess.

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