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The Great Leap Backward

"Let me just add, my fellow Americans, that I don't like you, or you, or you. I particularly don't like those guys and I hate that guy leaning on the tree. These guys I can take or leave but I wouldn't be caught dead with that group over there. It's safe to say that everybody dislikes those two, most people avoid that mob, and if that little lady and I were the only two people left on Earth I'd sooner the species go extinct than ever consider the possibility of coitus.

Vote for me!"


sacha baron cohenWhy are you guys so anti-dictatorship? Imagine if America was a dicatatorship! You could let 1% of the people have all the nation’s wealth. You could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes and bailing them out when they gamble and lose. You could ignore the needs of the poor for health-care and education. Your media would appear free; but would secretly be controlled by one person and his family. You could wire-tape phones. You could torture foreign prisoners. You could have rigged elections. You could lie about why you go to war. You could fill your prisons with one particular racial group and no one would complain. You could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies that are against their interests. I knew this is hard for you Americans to imagine, but please: try!"

- Admiral General Aladeen, played by Sacha Baron Cohen in "The Dictator".

Not bad, Mr. Cohen. Not bad.


Today's 'Toon clarification: Scientists used to hang fruit from the ceiling in rooms strewn with boxes and other random objects. Then they'd introduce members of the lower primate groups and test their by I.Q. by seeing how long it would take them to reach the fruit by stacking the available material. The more intelligent apes attained the fruit easily but the rest are on the Texas School Board. But you already knew that.


are you registered to vote?Will you be voting absentee this November but don't know what to do about it?

Then check out the Long Distance Voter. Not only can you register to vote, and verify your registration, you can also request an absentee ballot.


end rant

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Oh, That Mitt.

Romney's will say anythingMitt Romney visited an Ohio coal mine on August 14 and the miners were trotted out to be used as a living backdrop. Although not forced to attend they were all "encouraged" to attend. Either way, every miner lost a day's pay.


Romney wants to make a GOP rule change that allows the candidate to appoint the delegates. Yes, rich guys will choose the candidates and then the candidates will choose the delegates. What could possibly go wrong?


"Our most effective ad is our welfare ad," a top television advertising strategist for Romney, Ashley O'Connor, said at a forum Tuesday hosted by ABC News and Yahoo! News. "It's new information."

The ad is also a big, fat lie, and they're going to run it until the wheels fall off.


What was Massachusetts like once Mitt left office after one term? As current Governor Patrick Deval says "He didn't keep his promises."


Quote For The Day

"We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers," - Romney pollster Neil Newhouse.


Today's video: You didn't build that, Mitt. You destroyed it.

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President Obama's Top 50 Accomplishments

Number 33: Trimmed and Reoriented Missile Defense

barack obama's top 50 accomplishmentsCut the Reagan-era “Star Wars” missile defense budget, saving $1.4 billion in 2010, and canceled plans to station antiballistic missile systems in Poland and the Czech Republic in favor of sea-based defense plan focused on Iran and North Korea.

For the full list of his 50 finest achievements read the Washington Monthly story.


And now our Chart of the Day: Public support For Abortion Exemptions

missions to mars chart

Larger version of chart here.


Republican Job Creation Update

republican job creationCongress is in recess until early September. No jobs are being created, no farms are being saved.

For the full 2001-2012 list of Republican sloth please visit republicanjobcreation.com.


Fox News Lies. Dump Fox News

Fox News Lies!
Fox News is only too happy to promulgate the "We built it" lie. After all, they were in on it.

Click here to help Drop Fox from your cable system.


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GOP elephant  failing an IQ test.

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