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The progressive editorial cartoon about how Conservatives abuse religion.

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Strap In and Hang On!

The Left is often referred to as "commies" by the Far Right who appear to be in favor of fascism.

Communism means all share equally. Fascism means the very few own everything.

Between the two, I'll take communism every time, because I'm not a greedy, power-hungry asshole.


Unless the entire GOP openly and immediately demands that Barr and Sessions be punished to the full extent of the law for using subpoena power to spy on Trump's foes then it's open season for Biden and Garland to indiscriminately spy on, uh, I mean, investigate every Republican member of Congress.

Now, let's see what's on that phone of yours, Comrade McConnell.


Republicans are so evil and so shameless I often wonder how they can stand to look at themselves in the mirror.

Then I go "Oh, yeah. Right. Duh. Vampires have no reflection, anyway."


Anyone who thinks COVID-19 was constructed in a Chinese lab is a fool. A properly weaponized virus would have killed MANY more people than it did and America lost over 600,000 mostly because Republicans WANTED it to spread. The GOP is the real monster here, not China.


One last aggravating thing: The Pulitzer Prize folks chose not to give an award for best Editorial Cartoon this year, which is a damn shame as editorial cartoons are the BEST cartoons in the daily paper... except the late, great Calvin & Hobbes. (I may be a political partisan but I'm no fool.)


end rant

News & Notes for June 11th, 2021

Oh, so Trump really WAS a corrupt motherfucker. Surprise, surprise.

Trump: "Only morons pay inheritance taxes."

Corporations that paid zero dollars in taxes paid Washington lobbyists $400 million.

DOJ announces moves to protect the upcoming elections from Republican hackery.

Biden to return $2 billion in funding for military projects that Trump stole for his stupid fucking wall.

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Lefty: Do you believe God guides our fate, meaning that any woman who chooses abortion is following God's plan?
Or do you believe that God gave us free will and thus has no interest in how women control their reproductive choices?
Or do you just put words in God's mouth to suit your own twisted views of morality?
Red Hat
Quelle surprise.

The progressive editorial cartoon about how conservatives abuse religion.

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