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The progressive editorial cartoon about Joe fucking Manchin.

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Democrat Shmemocrat

In case you're confused by this whole "For the People Act" issue, it's as simple as this:

Democrats want every American to be able to vote with as few restrictions as possible.

Republicans don't.

Specifically, Charles Koch don't.


Manchin says he won't vote for the For The People Act until at least ten Republican Senators come on board.

That's funny... Joe voted for Biden's stimulus package when not one Republican Senator voted "Aye".

What's the difference, Joe?


Orange-You-Glad-He's-Not -President-Anymore doesn't actually wear his pants backwards but a lot of Americans honestly thought he would.


Okay, that's it. See you soon.


end rant

News & Notes for June 8th, 2021

In 2019 Joe Manchin co-sponsored the very same For the People Act he refuses to vote for today.

79% of all West Virginia voters support the For the People Act.

Giuliani caught on tape trying to fix election for Trump.

Why is Joe Manchin being such an anti-Democratic asshole? Charles Koch's money.

You're probably paying more in taxes than billionaires.

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There are Democrats.
Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock: Last year Jon and I were elected by the people of Georgia to ensure that elections remained safe and fair for all. New Republican laws now threaten your ability to vote and that's why we're both committed to passing the “For the People Act”.
And then there are "Democrats".
Joe Manchin: Protect Democracy? Sorry. Not unless the GOP says I can.

The progressive editorial cartoon about Joe fucking Manchin.

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