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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's reinstatement in the White House

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Yes, That's A Sears Poncho.

If Donald Trump had hired Hannibal Lecter to be his Attorney General and he began systematically eating his staff, alphabetically, I would be less surprised by that knowledge than the recently acquired affirmation that Bill Barr was spying on his boss's perceived Democratic enemies.

Bill Barr has long been known to believe that this country would be better off with an all-powerful dicatator (As long as he was Conservative) rather than these silly old Presidents. His resume for the position of AG reads "Oh, Don, you exceptional assemblage of God's finest DNA, you are so magnificent and manly and powerful and handsome and wise and ultra-groovy. And, oh, what hair you have! Please allow this insignificant to worm to hone your terrible swift sword, and order your favorite cheeseburgers, as you wield supreme executive power over those insignificant peons who know nothing of reality TV shows, teen beauty contests, and cheap steaks."

Or something close to that.

The really disgusting part about this particular chapter in the darkest four years of White House history is that Barr didn't need to spy on anyone. It was clear to any person with a pulse that the Republican-led Senate was not going to impeach Trump even if the Mueller Report had clearly and concisely offered evidence that Trump was a traitorous bastard.

You know, instead of "Donald Trump is connected with at least ten counts of Obstruction of Justice. But that's for the Congress to decide."

Yeah, the GOP decided all right. They decided that they'd rather sit quietly and empower a madman to run the country rather than explain to their constituents why Russia was suddenly releasing all of those compromising photos of GOP Senators, who'd inexpicably voted "Aye", playing "Hide the Salami" with underage cabana boys.
Will we soon learn about other Barr-related outrages?

Does the Pope poop on a golden toilet seat?


end rant

News & Notes for June 14th, 2021

Trump's national security chief resigns over snooping charges.

Mitch "The Asshole" McConnell promises that Republicans will never seat another Democratically-chosen Supreme Court judge"

GOP preparing to steal the next elections.

FBI warns that QAnon memeber may become physically violent.

Want to end the labor shortage? Raise the minimum wage.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about Trump's reinstatement in the White House

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