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The progressive editorial cartoon about permitless gun carry laws.

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Circular Illogic

For the record, guns are not magic wands that instantly solve all of our problems. Conservative lawmakers might as well require gun-owners to yell "Avada Kedavra" before they fire their weapons in their next permitless-carry bills.


When I watched Michael Cohen state, with enthusiastic assurance, that the Former Occupant will flip on his sons and daughters I had the BIGGEST old smile on my face.

I should add that Mr. Cohen also assures us that when the feds come a-knockin' the Giant Orange Traitorous Man-Baby will flip on everyone he knows. So he's more than just a shitty parent or a shitty human, he's a waste of otherwise good RNA that could have been better put to use as a slime mold or a cancer mutation.


I don't know why the GOP is so reluctant to begin an investigation into the January 6th attack on the Capitol as it would be the PERFECT opportunity to prove that it was Antifa doing all the damage that day and not Trump supporters sent there by Trump his ownself.

Maybe I'm missing something.


I'm with former President Obama; Trump is a corrupt motherfucker, a fucking lunatic, a madman, and a racist, sexist pig.

Well said, sir.


As I watch the Trump's toadies whitewash his January 6th attack on the Capitol I keep getting flashbacks to 9-11 when all the Bushies instantly agreed that it was kerosene that done them buildings in.

Yup. Melted that steel like butter.


Never forget that while the Democrats are frantically trying to end the pandemic and heal the economy the Republican Party is trying to ensure that only white male landholders are allowed to vote from here on in.


Scientists have discovered a new celestial object. It's a sphere of bat-shit so dense that no intelligence is capable of escaping its gravity well. They're naming it "GOP2024".


end rant

News & Notes for May 21, 2021

Trump Department of Justice secretly obtained reporters phone and email records.

Arizona's Secretary of State says the bullshit Cyber Ninja vote audit has ruined Maricopa County's voting machines.

Texas Republicans blew three chances to fix the state's power grid. (Soon to be four, probably.)

Rep. Tim Ryan unleashes fury on GOP lawmakers opposed to the January 6 Commission.

Texas passes anti-abortion law that will kill women.

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Red Hat: I haz a gun.
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The progressive editorial cartoon about the permitless gun carry laws

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