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The progressive editorial cartoon about why trump supporters are so fucking stupid.

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Your Brain On Trump

When the Russians gifted Trump the White House in 2016 I was ready to storm the Capitol in the same manner that the January 6th insurrectionists did.


Because I knew Trump was a corrupt monster who would destroy this country, and he did. And he's still at it.

Biden, on the other hand, can only be described as "destroying this country", as so many Trump supporters think, if your mind is so barren of sentience that you believe that a cleaner environment, better health care and improved infrastructure are all bad ideas.

There is no cure for Trump voters. There is a cure for Trump, however, and it's called the "justice system", and if we're fortunate he'll face the consequences of his perfidy sooner rather than later.


This is a country, a world, mostly, where if you think of a new product you can manufacture it and sell it in a store. Unfortunately, a lot of these new products are pure crap. But people will buy anything because humans are (and this probably won't come as a surprise to you) idiots who are easily manipulated by shiny objects and clever marketing. And the vast majority of all the crap these idiots buy will end up eventually burdening our landfills until there's ultimately nowhere else to put it.

Department stores are filled with this sort of crap. As an example, go to walmart.com and search for "toaster". You will get over a thousand results.


We need three toasters, at most. And they should all be constructed of durable quality materials and they should be easily repairable by all but the most simple-minded among us. This description goes for almost almost any consumer good that we may wish to purchase and own. But it doesn't work that way. We want cheap and we want novelty, and we want the kind of crap that makes our neighbors look at our possessions enviously. And when the crap breaks we'll rush out and buy some more and "better" cheap crap.

This is who we humans have become in our industrialized society. For the most part we no longer define ourselves, individually, by who we are and what we can accomplish though our gained experience and wisdom, but rather by what we own.

Boiled down to its essence mankind will destroy itself because it can't get enough novelty in its life. Maybe it's part of having these big old brains we've evolved, or maybe it's having these big old brains and credit cards.

There is a solution to this problem but it'll only come after we've used up all the vital natural resources that make our crap, or the grid that powers our crap has collapsed or, most likely, after we've run out of viable sperm and no new humans will be born to make and buy new crap.


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News & Notes for May 24, 2021

Unemployment checks aren't causing a labor shortage. Insultingly low wages are.

President Joe Biden's approval rate reaches 62 per cent.

Paul Manafort lied to investigators about feeding information to Russian spies.

Liz Cheney publicly reminds us that she's a 100% pure conservative asshole.

53% of Republicans believe Trump is still the president.

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The progressive editorial cartoon about why trump supporters are so fucking stupid.

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