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The progressive editorial cartoon about the fighting between jews and arabs.

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"My Book Is Best Book!"

I suspect if the Palestinian people had been followers of the Christian faith rather than Sunni Muslims the U.S. government would have taken a much different stance on the conflict between that country and Israel.

But they're Muslim, which makes them an "other" in the eyes of most Americans.


If you had to live for one day in apartheid Palestine you'd probably want to launch a few missiles over those walls, too.


The Republican Party paints itself as the guardian against all who would deny their rabid brand of Protestantism. Their god is best god, after all.

So why do they not reach out to the large, African-American segment of the population, the one that prays to the same god that the GOP pretends to, in order to reap the benefit of their votes? They could make the GOP an unstoppable force in the cause of lower taxes for the ultra-wealthy.

Oh. Right. I forgot that it's easier for the GOP to hate on the Blacks and instead garner the electoral benefits of vastly larger totals of racist whites.

And hate is really what the GOP is really all about.


This is my second religious cartoon in a row. This is not unsual for me. This is what it's like to not have that traitorous Russian puppet, t-Rump, to worry about every goddamned minute of every goddamned day.


I think my epitaph should read: "Regardless of what you thought of my cartoons at least I never resorted to puns."


John Margerum, I heart you.


end rant

News & Notes for May 18, 2021

White House releases President Joe biden's tax returns. Country learns he's not a crook.

Supreme Court rules against warrantless searches of homes.

41% of Republicans refuse to get COVID-19 vaccines. 41% of Republicans are, therefore, assholes.

The final days of the Former Occupants's administration were "absolute bedlam".

The U.S. military has a white supremacy problem.

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Israel: Die, Muslims! For God watches over us!
Palestine: Die, Jews! For Allah guides our hand!
God, reading comics: Oh, that Garfield. He's such a rascal.

The progressive editorial cartoon about the fighting between jews and arabs.

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