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The progressive web comic about Putin's bounties on U.S. soldiers.

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Bounty, the Quicker Treasoner-Upper

I read all too often people complaining that we've become a nation of spoiled children, especially where the virus is concerned.


If Trump and the GOP had simply said, from the beginning, "Yes, masks, social distancing, testing, and contact tracing would be a great way to slow the spread of this deadly virus until we have a vaccine" then I KNOW the vast majority of Americans would have complied, both Red Hats and Blue.

So the problem is not the people. It's the evil, greedy bastards in the GOP and their masters who control them.

Evil. Greedy. Bastards.


What if the inexplicable reaction to the coronavirus by the GOP is to intentionally let the economy crater so the banks get all the houses?

You know... just like in 2009.


Serious question for current military personnel:

Having been obviously betrayed by Donald Trump do you fantasize about frog-marching him out of the White House someday soon?


I think I'm beginning to understand Rampgate.

Considering we all know that Trump turned a blind eye to Russian bounties on U.S. servicemen I think Trump was worried that general was going to push him down the ramp.

Maybe next time.


end rant

News & Notes for July 2, 2020

Trump believes he's losing the election because he's not racist enough.

Nancy Pelosi: "Trump himself is a hoax".

Trump had soldiers afix bayonets before facing Washington DC protesters.

Trump flew into a rage every time he was warned about Russia.

Obama lawyer hints that SCOTUS about to rule agaisnt Trump in tax returns case.

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