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The progressive web comic about Putin's bounties on U.S. soldiers.

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Forward, Into the Past!

When a new president is voted in the old one always shares important, relevant information with his replacement.

For t-Rump that will take about 30 seconds, most of which will be spent explaining, in breathless detail, about the little red button on the side of the Resolute Desk that, when pressed "Gets you all the diet Cokes you want. I'll bet Obama didn't have one of these. I invented it. I think everyone should have one. Think of how much money I could SQUIRREL!"

"Oh, that?" t-Rump continues, "That's my Adderall pill bottle wall. Yeah, if I'd won a second term, JARED!, I think it would have reached the ceiling. That would have been awesome. I probably could have won some kind of major award for that. You know, the Smithsonian can't wait to get their hands on it. What do you do with your old pill bottles, Sleepy Joe? Yeah, I'm so awesome."

And all the while Joe Biden will be standing there thinking "Man, someone here needs his diaper changed."


One very effective way to make sure people give me proper social distancing when I'm shopping is to stagger down the aisles moaning "Unclean. Uncleeeean!"

Some people actually leave skid marks.


Want to save the economy?
Wear a mask!

Want to save your family?
Wear a mask!

Want to save your own damn life?
Wear a mask!

EVERYBODY needs to wear a mask.


Trickle-down works. Trust us.

WMD's in Iraq. Trust us.

There are only 131,654 covid-19 victims. Trust us.


end rant

News & Notes for July 3, 2020

Covid-19 is rampant and Russia is paying to kill Americans, so Trump goes golfing.

Stacy Abrams: "Standing all day in long lines IS a poll tax."

Republican senior citizens in Florida turn on Trump.

Trump has no idea why he wants a second term.

The Supreme Court just made it harder for people to vote.

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