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The progressive web comic about Trump's disinterest in the lives of others.

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Why, Indeed.

The Supreme Court just ruled 5-4 that states can be forced to fund religious education.


I can now start my Satannic University and teach all students the real history of how organized religion makes us hate and kill one another.

And the government has to pay me for it. Sweet!


Funny how this Supreme Court ruling on funding religious schools occurs JUST as churches are beginning to shutter as a result of the coronavirus. It seems organized religion will always find a way to snake a hand into our pockets.


In case you're not keeping score of Judge Kavanaugh's performance thus far:

1. Fuck the Dreamers.
2. Fuck the LGBTQ community.
3. Fuck abortion access.

I sense a pattern of "Screw the weak and oppressed." How about you?

Which means we can plan on Kavanaugh's next opinion:

4. Leave Trump's taxes alone.

Susan Collins must be so proud.

For the record, this same abortion law, in Texas, was struck down 4 years ago by the Supreme Court. It was only in court again because t-Rump forced Kennedy out and replaced him with sexual offender/frat boy Kavanaugh. Free access to abortion is only as legal as the Court declares. This time we got lucky (Thank you Judge Roberts) so maybe, just maybe, we need to quit putting Federalist Society puppets in the White House.


People think Trump's calm acceptance of Putin putting bounties on the heads of our servicemen is the worst thing imaginable.

Just wait.

Trump has months to go to REALLY get his fascist mojo working.


Suppose Trump resigns. Would the white-hot fire against all things Republican cool just enough to leave Mitch "Ha-ha! Screw you!" McConnell in charge of the Senate again?

Just asking for a friend who wants to bring our country back from the brink of disaster.


If covid-19 researchers had discovered, early on, that the virus caused erectile dysfunction we'd have had armed MAGA-hatted men at the airports taking traveller's temperatures, asking about recent contacts, checking their travel itineraries and quarantining them for six weeks, just in case.

Too bad the virus only damages the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, plus vascular and alimentary systems so, you know, no big deal.


t-Rump: "The story that American soldiers had bounties on their heads is a Russian hoax."

Aides: "But, sir. It's been verified by U.S. intel."

t-Rump: "Fake news. I never saw it."

Aides: "We put it right on your desk in front of you. There were twenty-seven 8X10 color glossy pictures with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one describing each incident."

t-Rump: "I can't read."

Aides: "We read it aloud to you."

t-Rump: "I wasn't listening."

Aides: "Ivanka sang it to you as she rocked you in your giant golden cradle and gently caressed the single long strand of hair that wraps around your head like a Chinese finger puzzle."

t-Rump: "That was probably my body double."

Aides: "No. Frank's dead. He 'donated' his liver and pancreas to you during your last 'physical'."

t-Rump: "Okay! fine! Look, here's what we're gonna do. Leak to the Times a rumor that I paid Russian hookers to spread covid-19 all along the Eastern seaboard."

Aides: "But, you DID pay Russian hookers to do that. We have the memo."

t-Rump: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. But by tomorrow no one will remember anything about this stupid 'treason' stuff."

Aides: "Can't we just kill ourselves instead?"

t-Rump: "Sure, but your soul is still mine. I have the NDA to prove it."


Carl Reiner was adamantly anti-Trump. I feel sad that he will never see Trump in chains but, on the other hand, he'll never see Trump in Hell, either. (If you get my drift.)

Thanks, Mr. Reiner, for all the good memories. I hope you get your hair back in Comedy Valhalla.


end rant

News & Notes for July 1, 2020

Trump, that big fat traitorous shitbag, continues to trust Putin more than U.S. intelligence.

Texas Lt. Governor Greg Abbott, that ignorant bag of rusty razor blades and semen samples, says he doesn't need expert advice about the coronavirus.

Trump, that corpulent sack of otter excrement, says the coronavirus will just disappear.

Trump whines like a little girl about plans to paint "Black Lives Mattters" mural in front of Trump Ttower.

Dr. Fauci: "Drinking in bars is one of the most dangerous things you can do now."

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Trump loves it when people suffer and die.
Why have I turned my back on a viral pandemic?
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Because I'm pro-life. Believe me.

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