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Viral Humor

Note: For all the pedants and pearl-clutchers out there, please assume that the guy on the right does NOT, in fact, have AIDS and is just screwing with the hypocrite on the left. Thank you.


What made those Minnesota policemen think they could so casually kneel on a black man's neck until he was dead?

Could it be the institutionalized racism in our justice department?

Could it be the war on drugs that was basically a means to disenfranchise black males in this country?

Could it be the PATRIOT ACT which obviated the Bill of Rights?

Could it be an openly racist president saying it's open season on non-whites?

Could it be a Fox News tha t refuses to condemn t-Rump for his overt racism?

Could it be the American apartheid that white America doesn't have to experience every day of their lives?

Or is it that the job of the police is really only to protect the rich from the poor?


t-Rump: "Voting by mail is fraudulent!"

White House Press Secretary McEnany: "I voted by mail."

t-Rump: "How often?"

McEnany: "Last year."

t-Rump: "Okay, that's not so..."

McEnany: "And the year before that."

t-Rump: "Well, twice isn't so..."

McEnany: "And every year since 2010."

t-Rump: "Okay, you can stop..."

McEnany: "Actually, I've always voted by mail. Eleven times."


McNanny: "Sir? Are you...."



The inter-tubes remind us that t-Rump's actions have resulted in the deaths of 100,000 people.

It's actually 100,001 if you remember to add Epstein.


The previous Raging Pencils cartoon stated that the Bible does not mention homosexuals.

After many conversations with people on this subject I have discovered that I was wrong.

It's in Leviticus: "If a man lies with another man as with a woman then he must die."

But.... have you ever read Leviticus?

No? Well, if you've dishonored your mother and/or father or engaged in adultery, that's death for you, my friend. Leviticus said so.

(Let me add right here that the Catholic Church has always taught that you can be guilty of sin just by thinking about sinning. So that itchy rumination you had yesterday while watching Mrs. Gonzalez bend over in her lululemon's to clean up after her poodle could spell your doom, my friend.)

Also, don't bone your daughter-in-law or your uncle's wife, because that's death, too. Or have sex with one(?) of your father's wives. Death. Or practice as a medium. Death. If the priest's daughter becomes a prostitute, she has to die.

Death death death die die die kill kill kill. Wheeee!

And don't even THINK of sacrificing your child to Moloch! Yes, I know the temptation is overwhelming at times, especially around the holidays, but this is Leviticus' Number One sin, so just watch it, buddy.

This kind of nuttiness goes on and on throughout all of Leviticus. If you needed a reference guide for divinely-inspired intolerance, look no further.

I would say go read Leviticus but please don't. It will hurt your brain and fill it with bad ideas. It has as much credence and relevance as the comics you find wrapped around a wad of Dubble-Bubble. Definitely don't use it to determine who you, as an adult, are allowed to love.

By the way, there is nothing in the Big Levitical List of No-no's about a man having sex with his daughter or son.

I'm told it was left out because it was kind of a given but it's precisely omissions like this that explain the Alabama legislature.


end rant

News & Notes for May 27, 2020

Mike Pompeo is the worst Secretary of State evah!

Trump ineptly tries to shut down Twitter for fact-checking his tweets.

Fauci: "Hydroxychloroquine ineffective against Covid-19."

Biden widens national lead over Trump to eleven points.

Cops fire rubber bullets and tear gas at George Floyd protestors.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

MAGA Redhat with gun: I see you're not a mask-wearing sheep, too. Guys like us ain't afraid of no damn virus.
Man with groceries: Actually, I have AIDS.
Redhat: GAH!
Man: Take me, you scarlet savage.

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