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The progressive web comic about the Covid-19 vaccine.

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The Trump Vaccine

Trump, 2014: "Vaccines give you autism!"

Trump, 2020: "Vaccines will save my presidency!"


t-Rump wants to shut down social media because Twitter was "mean" to him, then re-Tweets a video where a guy says "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat".

What t-Rump is actually saying is "Quit saying 100,000 Americans are dead! They're not dead! YOU'RE dead!"


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News & Notes for May 28, 2020

Trump re-Tweets video that states that "The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat."

Tucker Carlson, that useless waste of DNA, calls protests against police violence 'tyranny'.

Mother Jones: Donald Trump is mentally unhinged.

Senator Susan Collins is down 9 points in the polls against her Democratic opponent.

Nancy Pelosi: "Mark Zuckerberg is pandering to Trump."

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Trump: Gamble at my casino. Buy my steaks. Flu my airline. Trust my vaccine.
Public: No!

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