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The progressive web comic about what Derek Chauvin was thinking as he murdered Geore Floyd.

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The Mind of Derek Chauvin

It's scary to try and delve into the mind of a psychopath but I thought I give it a try. Some of the other semi-lucid thoughts I imagined caroming around Chauvin's brain as he murdered George Floyd were:

Whoa. Is that mustard?

I really need to train an army of flying monkeys.

Ladle. Ladle. Ladle. You know, ladle is a funny word if you say it enough times.

I wonder if Santa is fat because he eats children?

I'll probably get promoted for this.


Since my last cartoon:

Bunker Boy got all butt-hurt because he'd been reported to have been hiding in the White House bunker during the racial protests.

So he called his imaginary pal, the fascist leader of Russia, presumably for advice.

Shortly after that he decided that a propaganda photo-op in front of a church across the street from the White House would solve everything.

So he called in the military police and had them assault a peaceful crowd of protestors with tear-gas and rubber bullets so that they wouldn't sully his perfect moment.

Included in this crowd were the priests of the church t-Rump would later use as a back-drop.


He didn't ask permission to use the church as a prop and didn't recite from scripture. After all, why would he?

He held up a Bible upside-down and backwards for the cameras presumably to prove that he IS the Anti-Christ. Later when asked if it was his Bible t-rump responded "It's a Bible." Stable genius, that guy.

If you saw the photos it was hard to not notice that he held that Bible like it was on fire. Or like he was a nun holding a dildo.

Then he threatened to order martial law.

t-Rump needs to resign before (more) people are killed.


If a white fascist masquerades as a protestor and incites violence it will result in the entire crowd of protesters being called terrorists.

If a white fascist masquerades as a cop and incites violence no one will be able to tell the difference.


Thousands of Americans recently showed up at the door of the White House, enraged by the racist policies of this administration.

t-Rump's response: "Release the hounds! And where's the button that opens a trap door under the feet of my enemies? What? There isn't one? Thanks, Obama! Okay, then. Break out the ominous weapons!"

He actually tweeted "ominous weapons." Now what would be an ominous weapon to Dotard J. t-Rump?

A salad?

A mail-in ballot?

A cabinet member that says "No"?

A flight of stairs with no handrail?


Peer-reviewed science?

A thesaurus?

A child psychiatrist?


And, finally, a Twitter-user created an account in which he copied exactly all of Bunker Boy's tweets. Twelve hours later Twitter shut him down for violating its standards.

Thanks, Twitter.


end rant

News & Notes for June 3, 2020

Trump bets his reelection chances on racism, oppression and violence.

Rod Rosenstein: "The Russia investigation was not a hoax."

Trump commits voter fraud.

Some active-duty National Guardsmen refusing to be deployed against Americans.

Ferguson, Missouri, elects its first black mayor in the city's history.

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