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The progressive web comic about what Trump really wants.

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What Trump Wants

I've been getting a common reaction to this cartoon along the lines of "Trump is too stupid to do anything like this."

You're not paying attention.

The man is not stupid. He is certainly not an intellectual but he's a Level-90 narcissist and has Putin pouring sweet poison into his ear, telling him exactly how to pivot this country from a corporate fascist state to an authoritarian kakistocracy. He also is surrounded by a cadre of "advisors" who wake up every morning imagining new ways to make everything a little worse for the workers of this country and a lot better for the compulsive accumulators of wealth.

While I'm on the subject, "Fuck You, Zuckerberg!"

Trump is following their scripts. The GOP is in on the scam but will simply hide behind cover, quietly shedding their skins, until, oh, let's say a nuke-related event in a major city occurs sometime in late September. A national emergency will be pronounced, perhaps even one shutting down the internet and cell phone service. (Yes, Trump, with his 5-4 SCOTUS could do that.) Antifa will be blamed for the attack and soldiers will be posted on every corner in every city, indefinitely. Right-wing media will go 24/7 terrorism and fear will settle across this land like 60s-era smog in LA.

I am, of course, spit-balling here but in 2016 I was banging every drum I could find about this miserable orange fecal bolus that now festers behind the Resolute Desk and the dark possibilities he would represent as the Oaf of Office.

At the moment all common logic says that Trump will lose the election in a landslide, but Trump will do anything within his power NOT to lose this election. Anything.

So while Trump may not literally cancel elections, a voting system depending on the internet and not near enough paper ballots would be enough to postpone them.

For how long?

Ask Trump.


The NFL may say"Black Lives Matter".

And NASCAR drivers plan on kneeling before their next race.

But you can always count on Fox News to continue to deliver the same venomous ball of hate to this country.


Bunker Boy: "That old man that fell down as the police were giving him hugs and free hydroxychloroquine? He was shot by Hillary Clinton from behind the grassy knoll."


We wouldn't say "Defund the police". We need to say "Rethink the police".

And, while we're at it, let's rethink the Second Amendment, too.


Trump recently walked into a Maine medical factory without a mask or gloves and contaminated all of that day's production. It all had to be thrown out.

That's nothing.

Trump walked into the White house three years ago and contaminated everything in America. It's time to throw it all out.


"Operator, can you please give me the number to Antifa's main office?"

"There is no business by that name, sir."

"Okay. Can you give me the number to the KKK?"

"Certainly, sir. What city do you live in?"


A Special Note to all of you Raging Pencilnecks...

I've been amiss with my cartoonin' recently because:

1. I'm so proud of the huge crowds of people risking life and limb protesting the death of George Floyd I can hardly breathe.

2. I've had some extracurricular business that's meant a lot of sleepless nights, a business whose deets I'll be happy to share if all goes well. Maybe real soon.

Stay safe. Wash your hands and keep your fingers out of your nose. You can put them in other people's nose if you know them well enough, though.


end rant

News & Notes for June 9, 2020

"As a military officer, what I saw was more or less fucked up."

Trump spreads conspiracy theory that Antifa was staging police violence."

Cowardly Republican congressmen pretend they didn't read Trump's conspiracy theory tweets.

Police caught on camera slashing tires of George Floyd protesters.

Joe Biden: "There is absolutely systemic racism in law enforcement."

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Chef: What would you like, Mr. President?
Trump: To be honest.
I'd like to drive this country to its knees via a combination of a crippling economic crisis, irreducible viral pandemic, and violent racial strife.
Then I'd declare a national emergency, cancel the elections for the people's own good, and make myself dictator forever.
I meant for lunch, Mr. President.
Oh. Cheeseburger and a diet Coke.

solving intolerance comic derek chauvin comic