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What Trump Wants

There's a very relevant element to the shooting of black people by cops that I think REALLY needs to be addressed.

The Second Amendment.

It's original purpose was to allay fears of Southern states that they'd no longer be allowed to perform their customary slave patrols. (In those halcyon days, in the South, it was by law every white man's job to keep an eye out for escaped slaves.)

The South was afraid that Article One of the then-unratified Constitution would ruin all their slavery fun so the Second Amendment was added to the Bill of Rights in order to get them to sign on. That's why it says "well-regulated militia" not "anybody with a pulse".
And a "militia" is not a formal military force. It means regular folk banding together as an auxiliary unit. In this case for a not-so-noble purpose.

So when cops shoot black people today they're just continuing a fine old American tradition of keeping the slaves in line.


Yeah, I know it's an old Boomer reference but the first book about t-Rump's presidency should be called "To Serve Man".


Why did the Old World have plagues but the New World didn't? Let good old CGP Grey lay it all out for you.

And if you enjoy this sort of thing please read the Pulitzer Prize winning "Guns, Germs and Steel" by Jared Diamond.


I was reminded that there are 35 states in this country that allow the police to have sex with someone in their custody.

I'm no prude but sex on the time-clock will get you fired from most jobs. Therefore, I think it's a good idea that the police, while on the job, should remain as celibate as priests.

Uhhh.... let me rephrase that.


I learned a couple of alarming things about those "rubber-bullet" guns.

• They're laser-sighted

• They have rifled chambers

Meaning, you can aim for a specific spot and hit it, with great accuracy.

So when you hear about protestors being head-shot with "rubber-bullets" by police, the high likelihood is that it was not an accident.


end rant

News & Notes for June 13, 2020

Biden is winning women voters by an historic margin.

Melania Trump is an opportunist. Fuck Melania Trump.

Trump claims he sold a billion-kajillion tickets for a rally at 19k seat auditorium.

Trump's physical instability on full display at cadet graduation speech.

States that expanded mail-in voting seeing spikes in primary elections.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Two ways to solve the intolerance problem in America.
We could genetically alter every human to be exactly the same size, shape, color, sex and require everyone to think exactly alike.
Or we could all accept the fact that diversity is fucking awesome and quit being assholes about it.

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