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True Story

I need to emphasize that all parts of this comic is, as far as I know, true. A person did have her major organs compromised by the virus, and left the hospital with a million-dollar medical bill in hand. (No word on how much insurance paid.)

And on many occasions I've stumbled across the suicidal nonsense that the virus is no worse than a cold. Yes, there are asymptomatic victims but there's also rising research that says the virus, once in your system, may emerge later to wreak physical havok.

Anyone who doesn't do everything they can to avoid contracting this viral monster is whistling past the graveyard.


Bunker Baby does nothing to contain the coronavirus because, as he says, "it'll go away in the hot weather", "it's a hoax."

It's a hoax that'll go away, that is, unless you go to his rallies and breathe the same air he does. Then you get hand sanitizer, a mask and a temperature check before you get in the door.

I wonder what kind of hermetically-sealed, positive-pressure, portable-clean-room-giant-plastic-bubble t-Rump will give his speech from?


Even while the flames of protest against racial injustice are still smoldering across this country three Supreme Court justices today looked up from the flint tools they were making and pronounced "It's fine with us if employers discriminate against LGBTQ employees."
Fortunately, six other judges showed a lick of common sense and decided otherwise.

Those three judges?

Corporate shill Alito
Rapist Kavanaugh
Uncle Thomas


2016: Hillary Clinton gets the flu and Fox News investigates 24/7 for weeks on end.

2020: Trump apparently can't walk normally or raise his arms and Fox News tells everyone to mind their own fucking business.


Attendee's at Trump's next rally will get masks, hand sanitizer, and a temperature check.

But Trump's not afraid of the coronavirus. It's a hoax.

Gently-sloping ramps, on the other hand...


Fox News criticized a quote that came from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" as though it were a real political message. They didn't recognize it as coming from the movie because conservatives are incapable of understanding humor.


end rant

News & Notes for June 15, 2020

Supreme Courts rules to protect LGBTQ workers from discrimination. GOP freaks out.

Jerkwad Republican congressman refuses to wear mask. He now has coronavirus.

FDA: "Hydroxychloroquine ineffective against covid-19."

Fox News has never heard of Monty Python.... apparently.

White House engaging in giant scam involving half-a-trillion dollars.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Man:A month ago I contracted the coronavirus, and survived. But now my kidneys, lungs and heart are irrepairably damaged and my hospital bill is over a million dollars.
Redhat with "Keep are hair salons open" sign: See? I told you it's no different than a cold.

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