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The progressive web comic about how Trump lies about the dangers of the coronavirus.

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Covid Communion

News report: "President Trump assures the country that the rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma will not act as a breeding ground for the coronavirus and that the thick layer of agar applied to the convention floor is meant to cushion the surface for the comfort of attendees."


Wobbles the Clorox Clown is threatening to harm "lowlifes" who come to Oklahoma.

That seems an odd thing to say since most of the lowlifes will be INSIDE the building with him and his flying coronavirus monkeys.


On 9-11 thousands of volunteers rushed towards the Twin Towers to help as best they could. Many of these people later suffered and died as a result of the particulate matter in the debris. Their lungs destroyed.

Trump, on 9-11, bragged that the Trump Building was now the tallest building in New York.(It wasn't.)

When the coronavirus hit U.S. shores medical professionals rushed to help the afflicted as best they could. Many of these people died as a result of the virus. Their lungs destroyed.

Trump, meanwhile, bragged about how good the ratings were for his pandemic fireside chats. (They weren't.)
Trump is a Russian puppet and a useful tool of the GOP, who are only interested in a leader just smart enough to use a pen to sign over what's left of this country to their rich masters.

Vote Blue like this country's existence depends on it.


John Bolton is not a journalist. His "memoir" is not a scholarly, carefully researched, historical document. It is, without corroboration, no less a work of fiction than "Teen Lesbos On Mars" by I.P. Freely.

Bolton was unwilling to reveal the book's allegations under oath before Congress so there's no reason to give them any credence now.

In my view, his book serves no purpose other than to make a few quick bucks before t-Rump and his family disappear into the night in early November. There is nothing in it that will make Senate Republicans go "Hmmm, maybe we overlooked something. Let's try that impeachment thing again."

Absolutely nothing.

I'm not paying a penny for this tripe and you shouldn't, either.

Bolton's already got his $2 million pound of flesh. Fuck him.

(Additionally: Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a tell-all book but this is simply one cartoon character writing about another cartoon character.)


The number of available Dallas County ICU beds has zoomed to 71% of capacity. Now why would that be?

Paper cuts? Noogie trauma? Splinters? Brain freeze? The rockin' pneumonia? Itchy tongue? Hairballs? Gimp-suit rash? A bad case of lovin' you? Feeling nauseous from the sudden realization that we could all be just our own imaginations? Stink-foot? Hangnail? Cooties? Demon pox? Sudden onset lycanthropy? Male miscarriage? Disco fever? Airborne clown sickness? Platypuspox? Mad snail disease? Pinkeye? Bluetongue? Red sky at dawn? Honky vertiligo? Worry warts?

Just askin'.


REcently, Nancy Pelosi compared chokeholds to lynching.

She's right.


The mayors of Texas cities are imploring the governor to let each city decide how to convince its citizens to wear masks in public. The sticking point is how to punish those who go naked. Fines, or jail time.

I have two solutions.

The police hire someone who has covid-19, let's call him "Egor", and when they apprehend a violator they call Egor and have him breathe all over the perpetrator.

The second option is to require the perp to work an hour in the coronavirus ward at the nearest hospital. Without PPE.


end rant

News & Notes for June 19, 2020

Trump threatens protesters with violence at his Tulsa rally. What an asshole.

Trump has a half-billions in loan payments coming due.

Trump's poll numbers are so abysmal GOP congressmen are beginning to panic about their own elections.

Tulsa mayor declares civil emergency and implements curfew, thanks to Trump vioent supporters.

Arnold Schwazenneg: "Anyone making masks a political issue is a moron."

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