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Down to the (Barbed) Wire

Would Wobbles the Clorox Clown institute the equivalent of concentration camps for his enemies should he steal a second term?

Better question is: Who would stop him?

Bill Barr is hollowing out every regulatory agency he can in order to make sure there's no governmental resistance to anything the Diaper King desires. And all of his fascist pals already have such detention facilities or are planning them. Why should "Orange You Glad I'm A One-Term President" not get to torture his foes, too.

My guess is that Humpty Trumpy often reflects wistfully on the works of Hitler and thinks to himself:

"I could have been a decent president, but then quickly forgotten, like so many others. But if I destroy everything this country holds dear I will be remembered forever. So let's just go with that."


Here's the reason John Bolton needs to take a long ocean voyage on a leaky, covid-filled ship.

During the impeachment trial the Republicans refused to consider the House's charges against Chunky Hitler because there was no first-hand evidence of his perfidy.
John Bolton could have provided that. He was there.
Right there!

But, no. He decided to hold onto those cards and use the info to fatten his wallet.

What's worse is that Bolton knew the Republicans in the Senate would never have subpoenaed him. He would have had to volunteer to give testimony, but that's only something honest men do.


The official door count at the Tulsa rally was 6,116.

How many of those were plain-clothes security?

How many of those were t-Rump employees?

How many of those were from the media?

How many of those were paid-gig actors?

Which I think leaves about, um, (Counts on fingers, removes shoes and unbuttons pants. Recounts. ) about 36 people.

Yeah, 36 people.


After a measly 6200 people attended the rally in Tulsa I think it would have been more understandable if Bill Barr had fired t-Rump instead of Geoffrey Berman.


end rant

News & Notes for June 23, 2020

Sixty-five faculty members from Bill Barr's law school think he's a fink.

EU to ban American travellers because we're full of viruses.

Four years, three miles of Trump's wall, and not a penny from Mexico. Major fail!

Wearing a mask is crucial to beating this pandemic.

Trump admits, out loud, that he doesn't care if Americans die from the coronavirus.

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Lefty: To me this fall's election has two inevitable outcomes.
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