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The progressive web comic about Trump supporters who won't wear masks.

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The Mask of Red Death

A grade school in the year 2058.

Student: "iTeach, it's hard to understand President Trump's actions during the 2020 pandemic. Can you TL;DR the deets for me, please."

iTeach: "Certainly. He Ignored the virus. Ridiculed it. Called it a hoax. Defunded any research. Golfed. Compared it to the common flu. Lied about when the virus would be gone. Predicted no one would die. Castrated the CDC. Shilled for a dangerous and ineffective wonder-drug called hydroxychloroquine. Cut funding for emergency response. Disregarded and then discarded an existing plan to fight the pandemic. Allowed his son-in-law to make a fortune from the sales of stolen PPEs. Favorably compared number of deaths by virus to deaths by suicide. Predicted 50,000 would die. Recommended therapeutically injecting bleach into infected bodies. Shipped governmental reserves of medical supplies to China. Blamed China for the virus. Blamed the World Health Organization. Blamed President Obama. Blamed President Biden. Lied about Obama's handling of the Swine Flu in an attempt to improve his image. Golfed. Bragged that his handling of the virus had been "a great success story". Forced workers back into virus-laden meat-packing plants then shipped the meat to China. Attacked the press for reporting the facts of the pandemic. Predicted 100,000 would die. Hid the data on infection and deaths. Lied about when a vaccine would be ready, then claimed that a vaccine was not needed, that the virus would go away on its own. Opposed the use of masks. Covertly gave $500 billion dollars to his rich, corporate donors. Spread contagion at his rallies. Stopped predicting how many would die. Promised tests for all Americans then dragged his feet on testing before prematurely shutting the program down completely. Withheld $14 billion dollars allotted for Covid-19 testing. Opposed additional public funds to provide food and shelter to the huge number of unemployed who had lost their jobs...

Student: "Stop! Stop! Stop! Why the Hell would he DO all that?"

iTeach: "So that evangelicals would vote for him."


My favorite Biblical verse of the week:

Ezekiel 16:49 - "Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy."

Karen, are you listening?


I live in Dallas, Texas. A local magazine has created a Covid-19 heat map of Dallas by Zip code.

My Zip Code is the 5th most Covid19-prone out of 22 in my area.



end rant

News & Notes for June 25, 2020

"If you value your health do not listen to the president of the United States."

Trump is seeking re-election on a pro-coronavirus platform.

Trump and Barr have launched an all-out war against America's justice system.

Trump has turned America into a pariah nation.

Trump follows through on threat to shut coronavirus testing down.

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