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The progressive web comic about how Trump demanded the churches reopen in the midst of a pandemic

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Verse and Curse

Note: The above cartoon has been altered from its original form. The original wording in the top two panels was "The Bible says nothing about abortion/homosexuality". My meaning being that the Bible says nothing worthy of attention about either abortion or homosexuality, which it doesn't, but my wording was much too simplistic. There are no laws or penalties or commandments concerning either. (Though be careful, ladies, about grabbing the balls of the man your husband is fighting.)

Hopefully this version works better for you. =Lefty=


To those anxious to have our houses of worship re-open:

Your god will understand if you choose to self-distance a while longer. After all, the Bible is very clear on suicide.

The only one who needs those pews filled is the pastor, who has to pay for his mansion, his jet plane, his yacht and his Congressman.

(Edit: He sure as Hell doesn't have to worry about paying taxes.)


t-Rump is demanding that people meet in large groups, sit close together, and breathe heavily on one another.
In other words, he wants the churches re-opened. Which is pointless because he can't tell state governors what to do. Although he'll be happy to extort them or blackmail them to get his way. After all he's in real estate.

So why this particular demand?

He wants protestors.

And not the same old armed incels and venal Karen's screaming "Mah FREEDOMS! Re-open!"


This time he wants groups of armed incels and venal Karen's screaming "Religious Oppression!" for the benefit of Fox News outside of whichever church is nearest their gated suburb, a church they probably haven't stepped inside of in years.

t-Rump's poll numbers stink, but this stunt won't get him the vote of even one more evangelical. They're already in the bag for him. Forever.

The real point of this proclamation is so that the news will blare images of armed demonstrations in front of our sacred mega-churches. And after the commercial break, or buried somewhere on page 7b, will be a quick mention that another dedicated government watchdog has been replaced with another White Supremacist Howdy Doody or Racist Elmo.


t-Rump celebrates Memorial Day, while the death toll of Americans due to the pandemic reaches 100,000, by going golfing.

It's usually at this point in a movie where the protagonist wakes up, flutters her eyelids and says "I had the strangest dream."

Unfortunately, this is the kind of movie where a parasitic alien leaps onto your face and plants an egg in your stomach.


While doing some genealogical research I stumbled across my great-grandfather's death certificate. Luther Stanfill died at the age of 34 on December 1, 1918....
Of influenza.

The Spanish flu.

You may have heard of it.

History just reached out and blew my tiny little mind.


This is just a reminder that, at the outset of the pandemic, t-Rump said the reason he fired Obama's pandemic task force was because he thought it was a waste of money to have them sitting around not working.

Not working.


Then he should fire the entire Republican Senate. (Oh, wait... that would mean progress would be made and lives would be saved. Nope. Can't have that.)


Did anyone else, upon hearing about Baby Yoda, have an image pop into your head of two adult Yoda's gettin' it on?

"Urrrhhh-hur-hurrr. Your Daddy I am! Huge Force I have! Come, did you? On the pill are you? URHERR! Boned, I am."


end rant

News & Notes for May 23, 2020

As 100,000 Americans die of the coronavirus Trump goes golfing.

People who really need hydroxychloroquine can't get it, thanks to Trump's buffoonery.

Michael Moore: "Trump can only win the election if he cheats."

America's black population is dying indisproportionate numbers due to the coronavirus.

Houston, Texas, resumes evictions during economic disaster.

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Woman: The Bible is unspecific about abortion.
The Bible is unspecific about homosexuality.
Trump: Open the churches! Don't worry about the coronavirus! Just get in there and pray!
Suicide, on the other hand…

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