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The progressive web comic about the Georgia Senate election.

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The Soul of the Senate

The one person that stands between saving millions of Americans from eviction and going hungry this Winter is Mitch McConnell who, as Leader of the Senate, can decide which bills to bring to the floor of the Senate.

But there's one other person... Vice-Quisling Mike Pence.

You see, Pence is the real leader of the Senate. If he wanted to he could bring the House's COVID-relief bill to the Senate floor for a vote, but he won't. He's as useless and evil as McConnell.

Hopefully Democrats will prevail in the Georgia Senate elections, forcing McConnell back under the rock he came from. If not, then Kamala Harris can bring the House's two-trillion-dollar aid package to the floor, force the GOP to vote, and show their true colors to the American people.


t-Rump is throwing a monkey wrench into as many gears of government as possible because the GOP needs to slow down any progressive legislation that the Biden government plans to enact. The more Democrats have to clean up, the less can get done. See: The Economic Recession of 2009.


t-Rump has discovered that pretending to fight for the presidency and draining suckers of their Social Security is WAY more lucrative than laundering Russian rubles, and it's legal. Don't expect him to stop until he physically can't walk up a ramp or grab a pussy.


Every time Republicans say "radical liberals" I'm going to say "criminal conservatives". They're both true but I'd much rather be called "radical" than "criminal".


I hate to admit this but for four years I have barely listened to NPR because every day it was "Trump said fucking this and Trump said fucking that".

But I'm back now, and they're discussing important things again, and it's glorious.

Although I have to say, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" sounds REALLY bizarre without an audience.


Enough is enough.

I'm not wearing a mask anymore.

I'm wearing TWO masks.

(Seriously. I am.)


end rant

News & Notes for December 8, 2020

Leading COVID-19 vaccine makers say "HELLS NO!" to Trump's invitation to 'Vaccine Summit'.

Thrift-store Banana-Republic dictator-wannabe calls the U.S. a "third world country."

Fifteen New York prosecutors and investigators can hardly wait for January 21.

1500 attorneys sign letter condemning Trump's "legal team".

Trump only orders enough vaccine from Pfizer to innoculate fifty million Americans.

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Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff: If we win the Georgia Senate election we will quickly get COVID-19 relief to the needy, expand the ACA, make voting easier, create jobs and help the environment with green energy, increase the minimum wage, tax the rich, and tackle police reform.
Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue: If we win, we won't.

trump stinks comic ignorant trump voters comic