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Goodbye, So Long, It's Been Grueling To Know Ya!

Trump reportedly wants to have a rally on Inauguration Day. What should it be called?

The Million Moran March
Poopy Pants Pity Party
Burning Pants
The Corona Bowl
Vanity Fair
Denial Fest
The Jonestown Jamboree
The Whining Man Festival
So Long and Thanks For All the Donations
Diaper Don's Nothingburger
Insurrection Day
My Pre-Arrest Send-off Party
The End


Russia is developing a COVID-19 vaccine. They call it "Sputnik".

Sputnik translates as "traveling companion".

Seems to me the last companion you'd want is a sputnik like COVID-19.


I enjoy comedian/musician Tim Minchin, but he has been ruined by respectability.

When he blasted onto the scene a decade ago he was all full of fire and anti-brimstone, flaunting his atheist bone fides and messages of inclusiveness in the faces of the devout and the intolerant. His "Thank You, God" takedown of "the power of prayer" has graced my music device for years. I even know some of the words. (Also see: "Fuck the Pope".)

Then he had to go and write an award-winning musical. Then another musical. Then an animated singing-and-dancing-animal movie (Which died more than halfway through production due to corporate infighting.)

He, sadly, became mainstream. He's playing it safe.

He just released a new album and it's kind of no surprise that the songs lack the heretical wise-assery of his early stage performances. These new songs are all about love and relationships and they're no damn fun. The one exception is "If This Plane Goes Down" which no frequent air traveler will listen to more than once. For good reason.

The new Minchin is like the modern incarnations of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. They arrived full of mischief and deviltry and now they're treated like elder statesmen. Instead of instigating trouble they're the voice of sanity in the middle of chaos. Why do we do this? This is de-evolution.

I never want to be respectable like that. I always want to be the kind of cartoonist that girls would be afraid to bring home to Mother. I intend to keep flinging racial equality and sensible gun laws and vegetarianism and conservation and campaign reform and science and the evils of religion and the evils of Republicans and the evils of capitalism into the faces of discognizant Conservative Americans like chimps flinging poo at zoo visitors until I can no longer lift a pencil or shove a computer mouse around.

Oh, yeah. And let's get rid of zoos, too.


end rant

News & Notes for December 3, 2020

GOP Congressman tells Trump to delete his Twitter account.

Traitor-Tot Trump threatens to defund the miltary because Twitter is mean to him. I am not kidding.

Trump, please pardon Rudy Giuliani. Put your head in the noose. Do it! I double-dog dare ya!

"This has to stop!" U.S. election official condemns Trump and his allies.

Trump and Kushner scammed the federal PPP loan program. What a surprise.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Pollster: Pardon me. We're taking a poll of trump voters. Would you mind answering a few questions?
Red Hat: Why sure.
Was the 2020 election stolen from Trump?
it damn sure was.
Did the post office sell mail-in ballots to China?
They damn sure did.
Are Hugo Chavez and the FBI in cahoots?
It's a damn scandal!
Hmm. According to these results, you're dumb as fuck.
Dude, math is fake damn news.

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