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The progressive web comic about Trump lying about covid-19.

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Sex and Viruses

I had promised myself I'd never draw the insufferable orange clod again but this idea was just too seductive.


An alien would look at our political scene and think:

"That obese orange turd is trying to ruin everything for his political party. He's even doing everything he can to lose the Senate. Plus he's killing 300,000 of his citizens. That guy hates everyone. WTF, man?"


Scott Atlas has resigned but he didn't do anything so what has he resigned from?


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris read their first President's Daily Brief on Monday.

Wanna bet it warned them that the giant orange baby in the Oval Office might be a security problem?


t-Rump was president for four years. He got 70 million votes and lost in a race where there were only two candidates. That's not the end of the world. And he's supposedly rich. Why is he being such an asshole?

(Rhetorical question, actually. I just wanted to call Traitor-tot an asshole.)


Sit down, kiddies. It's Story Time with Uncle Lefty:

It's January 4th and millions of Americans are on the streets because the eviction restrictions ended in December. People are going hungry. The COVID-19 pandemic is racing through America and hospitals are overwhelmed as a result of people failing to isolate properly at Christmas. The whole country is in chaos.

In Washington, DC, a snowpocalypse locks the city in six feet of snow.

That night the Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision, declares the elections were rigged and that there should be a do-over.

Due to the snowstorm…

"Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait! Back up! The Supreme Court can't do that!", I hear you say.

Oh, really?

Last week New York tried to temporarily restrict attendance limits on places of worship in designated coronavirus hotspots. The churches were miffed about this and took it to court. The case made it hastily to the Supreme Court as though it were of some vital importance to all of humanity. It wasn't, but the five arch-Conservatives on the Supreme Court were only too happy to judge in the favor of religious beliefs over verified science.

It should be noted that such cases were routinely dismissed by the Supreme Court previous to Ms. Barrett's replacement of Ms. Ginsburg. John Roberts is now Chief Justice in name only.

Now back to our story.

Due to the snowstorm there can be no immediate response by the people. The Democrats offer a sharp rebuke but are hamstrung by a GOP that makes only tepid protestations. A week goes by before large groups of angry citizens manage to descend on the city. By then the fences of the White House have been manned by armed mercenaries. Protestors are shot and killed. Everything goes to the kind of Hell I will leave to your most apoplectic of imaginations.

The End

That 5-4 ruling by this Conservative cabal just put us all on notice that life as we have known it in this country is going to change and will be henceforth contingent on the whim of these five Judges.

This prediction sounds dire but it is well within the realm of sickening possibility because you can't trust these disgusting people. So I, for one, will not sleep well until that god damned Trump is physically forced from the White House.


end rant

News & Notes for December 1, 2020

Rudy Giuliani angles for a preemptive pardon.

Trump is running a direct-mail scam from inside the White House.

Trump asks "Why bother voting for Republicans"?

"Trump must be prosecuted."

Arizona Governor gives Trump the cell-phone finger.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
How is this?
Trump: Americans, never wear masks. Don't be afraid to crowd together with other people. COVID-19 is a hoax. It's just like the flu. 99% of covid-19 cases are totally harmless.
Any different than this?
Ladies, always wear something revealing. Don't be afraid to walk alone at night. Sexual assault is a hoax. It's just like hugging. Lie back and enjoy it.

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