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The progressive web comic about the Georgia Senate election.

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Loathe Is In the Air

Yes, I know I vowed to never draw King Bullshit the Turd again. Just, you know, hush.


There is literally nothing Trump has done that hasn't hurt this country. Change my mind.

No, don't.
You can't.


If Trump can't successfully stage a coup of the presidency then he goes to jail. It's that simple.

Trump is going to jail.


Seventeen state AG's have signed on to a legal hissy-fit.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is going to be President.


end rant

News & Notes for December 10, 2020

Trump labelled "Loser of the Year".

There are treatments for COVID-19, but only if you're rich. God-DAMN this country!

Georgia rolls out heavy-duty (Democratic) voter suppression in advance of the Senate runoff elections.

Trump says, out loud, and probably with some self-satisfaction, that it's "Terrific" that 15% of Americans have contracted COVID-19.

Trump caught ordering CDC to destroy email evidence.

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300,000 Democrats wouldn't drink bleach, which caused my beautiful economy to crash, and now I can't be president again.
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