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The progressive web comic about Trump refusing to leave the White House.

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Sticky Situation

Russian Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally acknowledged that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now legally entitled to ruin all of his fun. Though his teeth were so firmly clenched during the announcement I was afraid he'd split an atom and leave the Capitol a smoking ruin.


Barring a major catastrophe (because anything's possible with Tweety Amin manning the helm of this Carnival Cruise-slash-petri dish we call the ship of state) this country's going to have itself a woman Vice-President in about a month. I'm loving it almost as much as the GOP is hating it. (But it's difficult as there's no bottom to their hate of women and minorities and Democracy and new ideas and fairness and, well anything good for anyone but the insanely wealthy.)



Congratulations, Kamala!

And you, too, Joe! Go get 'em!


THIS is why we need to abolish the Electoral College:

In 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes yet won the election via just 77,000 strategically-placed votes across four states.

In 2020 he lost the popular vote by 7 million but only lost the election by just 42,000 votes spread over three states. (AZ, GA, WI)

Read that again.


I am not going to second-guess Biden's choice of cabinet members.

I recall eight years of peace and prosperity with the last bunch he was associated with and I look forward to more of that.


Trump taking credit for the COVID-19 vaccine is no different from me taking credit for winning the Super Bowl just because I watched it on TV.


Last August Hillary Clinton advised Joe Biden to not concede the election early because she knew it would take time count the votes.

Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw responded on Fox News by saying that what Ms. Clinton meant was that a Trump win would be viewed as illegitimate, that the Democrats would try to cause chaos, that they would claim victory even if Biden didn't win....

Which are exactly the measures Trump and the GOP are taking in their attempt to steal the election.

In the end Hillary was right, so it's amusing that Trump is actually taking her advice. And failing miserably.


end rant

News & Notes for December 15, 2020

After Inauguration Day Trump can be banned on Twitter like any other American.

Mitch McConnell wants to allow corporations to kill without consequence.

Republicans are waging a war on Democracy.

Tax-exempt church gets $4 million in COVID-19 funds.

Iran says it would rejoin nuclear deal if the U.S. does.

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