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The progressive web comic about Trump lying about covid-19.

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Take Two Aspirin and Fuck-off!

This is a rather inexact comic. The t-Rump character should have been more of an amalgam of Fat Hitler and the traitorous Republican swine who litter the Capitol. But it's more fun to draw the Giant Orange Man-Baby than just another generic GOP elephant.

Besides, an obese orange elephant groping his youngest daughter would have just confused people.


If I told you Putin nuked Tampa, Florida and killed 300,000 Americans you'd probably want to go to war.
But Putin instructed Trump to ignore the coranavirus and it killed 300,000 people across the country.

Where is the difference between the two?


In 2009 banks and real estate vultures swooped in and bought thousands (millions?) of houses whose mortgages had gone into default due to the Republican president's economic recession.

2021. Rinse and repeat.


Since the election we've learned that last March Mango Mussilini was seriously discussing plans to let millions of Americans die via herd immunity while at the same time the Russians were hacking through U.S. cyber-defenses that he personally defunded in order to build his wall.

Care to change your votes, Red Hats?


Between his indifference to the recent Russian hacks and 300,000 dead Americans you have to be a special kind of cruel, stupid, racist waste of RNA not to understand that Trump is actively trying to destroy this country for the benefit of past and future real estate deals with Russian oligarchs.


I've been amused lately by the idea that Tweety Amin may not give his closest friends and family a pardon because that means they'd lose their 5th Amendment protections and would be forced to spill all of his legal beans in court under sworn testimony.

Because keeping his own ass out of jail is more important that anyone else's.


They feed off of us, they're diseased, they could kill us and not care.

I'm talking about lice.

Which should be the new Republican Party mascot.


If aliens ever visit this planet and express the desire to know more about human civilization would they learn more about us from our great museums or from a Walmart Supercenter?

I know that question seems fatuous but ask yourself, the next time you're standing in the check-out line to purchase a left-handed gangly wrench bearing the 3-D, enameled, glow-in-the-dark likeness of the Mona Lisa, "Is there really a difference?"


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News & Notes for December 21, 2020

Fox News poll: Trump is one of the country's worst presidents.

Trump is going full QAnon in his last month in office.

Trump officials tried to cripple the CDC's COVID-19 response.

Trump considered using the military to overturn the election results.

Marco Rubio criticized for getting COVID-19 vaccine before frontline workers.

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