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The progressive web comic about verifying data in classrooms.

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A Learning Moment

While Fat Hitler and Mitchski McConnellski engage in their clown-shoe kick-fight just remember that House Democrats already passed a bill that offers $2000 payments to Americans in the HEROES Act....

In May of this year.


The Republicans had a back-up plan if Trump supporters didn't go for the $600 stimulus pay-off.

They were going to offer them $599.99 because it would look bigger to them.


Dictator Tot just pardoned four men convicted of murder while they were employed as mercenaries for Blackwater. One of them blew a kid's brains out... for fun, evidently.

I'm no legal scholar but this decision seems to suggest that Republican thugs can begin indiscriminately killing American citizens, at the behest of the president, and they will not be punished for their crimes as they would be immediately pardoned.

Would t-Rump do this? Why would he not? Even if goes as far as to have every House Democrat taken out and shot on January 6th the Republican response would be "This is fine. He's not shooting us..... yet."

The Founding Fathers never anticipated that Americans would be so foolish as to elect a leader of this country who had no soul, no decency, no scruples.

So here we are


end rant

News & Notes for December 23, 2020

Trump vetoes defense bill because he claims "It is a gift to China".

Vice-Asshole Pence mocked for saying liberals want to make "Poor people more comfortable".

Dominion preparing to sue Rudy Giuliani for defamation.

Trump sending confused signals to admin staff over whether they should go or stay on January 4th.

Today was the final day for Bill Barr as Attorney General, and good fucking riddance.

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Speaking of verifying data.


Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
Zoom Teacher: Okay, class. As you know, president-elect Joe Biden won the election with 82 million votes and 306 electoral votes.
Class: One moment.
clickity-click-click hmmm
Okay. According to the Washington Post, 538, and Snopes that data is accurate. Tell us more.
Uhh. Miss Johnson? Why is she smiling like that?
Teacher: There IS a Santa Claus.

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