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Oh, The Humanity!

I think the main reason for the $2000 stimulus kabuki is so that Joe Biden will be president when the bill is finally signed and the GOP can go "Tsk-tsk. Look at how those wasteful Democrats have bloated the national debt. Tsk-tsk-tsk."


You ever get the feeling that the Senate GOP is going to fight this proposed $2000 stimulus payment right up until Warnock and Ossoff win their elections? Then they'll say "Screw it!" and petulantly watch as the Democrats act like adults. Again.


Tiny Tim: "God bless us. Everyone."

Mitch McConnell: "Tiny Tim lives in a shit hole. Fuck him."


I hope you all had a great Xmas/Saturnalia/Solstice/Whatever Day. It was surely a strange one for everyone with an ounce of sense. The rest all went home to their familial super-spreader event and had the time of their now-shortened lives.

New Year's looks like it's going to be a brutal one, weather-wise, in the North Texas area. Evidently 2021 looked at 2020 and said "Hold my beer."


I just replaced the battery in my iPhone. Evidently Apple executives told their engineers to use the smallest screws possible and the engineers replied "Hold ALL my beers."


end rant

News & Notes for December 28, 2020

Biden will invoke Defense Production Act in order to increase vaccine production.

Senate Republicans face political nightmare over vote for $2000 stimulus.

Republicans sue Mike Pence in bizarre attempt to sway election.

Trump has yet to contact Nashville mayor since bombing.

Texas' Dan Patrick owes Pennsylvania congressman one million dollars.

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