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The progressive web comic about how shitty 2020 was.

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The End of 2020

In 2017 the Oaf of Office claimed his tiny inauguration crowd was the biggest ever.

President-Elect Joe Biden ought to immediately throw that claim in t-Rump's face by telling this country in advance that the coming inauguration will be the smallest in modern history in order to protect the health of all Americans. This is a claim no one can refute.


The Biden White House is going to return to daily press briefings in 2021 and I hope they begin the year by politely pointing all the RWNJ "news reporters" towards the exit door on the 21st of January.


2020 has a been a challenging year not only for everyone in this country but also everyone in this big beautiful world. It's been a personal challenge for me as well. For the first time in my life, and this is completely separate from Covid-19, I have felt mortal. I've lost no body parts yet but I can feel the fasteners rattling as I travel life's rough roads.

But you know what? I'm still here, and I am heartened no end by all you knuckleheads and raging pencil-necks who come and view my rancorous, and irregularly created, little japes. And I get a double-dip of endorphins when you leave your two cents in the Comment boxes. You guys is awesome!

So to all of you who come and suckle at the teat of my peculiar brand of satire, I thank you. Your good karma refreshes my soul and gives me comfort when I sit down and address that blank sheet of paper every other day. Having you here means all the difference between hateful, solitary masturbation and a friendly and boisterous circle-jerk. And always to the left, please.

So I wish you all good fortune in what will no doubt be a challenging 2021. If we all hold together we can come out the other end better people and better Americans.

Happy New Years!


end rant

News & Notes for December 31, 2020

Trump has spent nearly a quarter of his time occupying the Oval Office on the golf course.

Forget Dominion voting machines. ES&S are the ones to be investigating.

Trump ditches Mar-A-Lago New Years party and returns to the White House where he'll start more shit.

A Republican Congressman, who said we must learn to live with covid, dies of the virus at age 41.

Georgia shatters early voting records.

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