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The progressive web comic about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris entering the White House.

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White House Bound

Ignore anything Trump or his sycophants say. It's over. Biden is the new President. Any further resistance from the Right is just Trump scamming his voters for more money.


The thing Trump voters are most pissed-off about is that Biden is gonna come riding into the White House and start treating all Americans equally.

The nerve of that guy!


People are worried that Trump might sell state secrets once he leaves the White House.


He would have sold state secrets even if he'd WON the election. Especially if he'd won.


I'm trying to picture Mike Pompeo's assertion that "There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration" in a way that doesn't make him sound like he's leashed, on his knees, and excitedly anticipating his Trump® branded treat.


As I often do I posted today's cartoon hours earlier on my Facebook page in order to note salient feedback as I concoct my Rants. My FB peeps were generally in agreement over the 'toons message... except the ones who complained about the manner in which I dressed Kamala.

"Slacks and stilettos, and high-tops! Not icky old skirts!" they said.


Before my final concept of the cartoon had crystallized I suspected I was going to have difficulty drawing Kamala for the next four, probably more, years. For one reason I'm not a natural caricaturist. For another, she's become an actual icon to millions of women in this country and, to them, I know I could not idealize her enough.

Trump? Trump was easy. I just imagined a garbage bag full of old banana peels and stale coffee grounds, closed the top with a red tie and slapped a rotten pumpkin on top. And in all those years no one ever complained about what he was wearing. Hmmmm.

This concern about how I portrayed Kamala goes culturally far deeper than one quickie rant can handle but I'm buoyed by the fact that I usually only draw the Bad Guys so Joe and Kamala won't be as front and center as Putin's Puppet.

For the record, Kamala often wears skirts. But in future I think I'll default to the Converse/pant-suited version 'cause she's bad-ass.


end rant

News & Notes for November 11, 2020

Hitler also refused to concede an election. Just sayin'.

Trump starts making 'dictator moves'.

Joe Biden's lead over Trump grows to over five million votes.

State legislatures cannot overrule the popular vote.

80% of Americans agree that Joe Biden beat Trump.

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