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I am now going to ask you for money.

So get your credit card or your check book or your jar full of Mercury dimes and please consider making a donation to your local food bank. Thanks to the pandemic this holiday season is going to be brutal for too many families in this country and all it takes is just a few bucks to make someone's Thanksgiving or Christmas a lot brighter.

That's it. Thank you. You're awesome.


I was greatly annoyed and perversely amused to learn that Steve Bannon recently called for the decapitation of two targets of Trump's infantile ire, right on his Facebook account, and Mark Zuckerberg basically said "Meh." Bannon got a slap on the wrist and his account is still functioning.

I can only guess that old Zuck found Bannon's lack of imagination rather pitiful, even childish. Of all the torments men have inflicted upon one another over the millennia the best Steve could cough up was "beheading".

"How cute", Zuck must have thought.

No drawing-and-quartering? No public disemboweling? No Sarlacc pits full of fire ants? No locking the offender into a small box with an incontinent Amway salesman? No broken-glass-and-Mentos suppository chased by a refreshing Coke-Cola enema? No forcing his enemies to live on minimum-wage in order to feed and house a family of five... in San Francisco? No imposing his imagined villains to endure a sleepless, anxious four years waiting for the whole world to suddenly go FOOM at the hands of a temperamental man-child-churian?

I mean, c'mon, Steve. Next time just make us all an elbow macaroni portrait of the demon-world you envision this country becoming after an all-night Nyquil-and-hydroxychloriquine binge. Zucky might even want to put it on his 'fridge.


Note to Corey Lewandowski:

Next time remember to wash Trump's ass for 20 seconds before you kiss it.


end rant

News & Notes for November 13, 2020

The plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer also included burning dow the Michigan Capitol.

The current political crisis is not just Trump's fault, it's the Republican Party.

Trump says the election was the most secure ever, and that it was also rigged. Trump is a moron.

130 Secret Service officers infected or in quarantine for covid-19 thanks to Trump.

Joe Biden: 306 electoral votes. Donald Trump: 232 electoral votes. Trump loses.

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inauguration now comic biden harris comic