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The progressive web comic about Trump's last days in the bunker.

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Don't Blame the Pollsters

Trump's primary strategy has been to continually project his faults onto those around him. He's been very transparent about it. He's also a dumb-ass.

So when he cries about "Illegal votes" he's telling us that he, himself, expected to receive illegal votes and just CAN'T figure out how Biden still beat him. It HAD to be illegal votes, too, you see.

I say this because in no rational universe could that walking bolus of bile and malice garner 71 million votes, 8 million more than in 2016, without significant covert aid.

It also explains Trump's odd resistance to mail-in votes. Who's to know how far to twiddle the knobs on the voting-machine hack when you don't know what's in those posted ballots. ("Seventy-one million votes should be plenty to beat Biden, Mr. President. Don't worry about it. More vodka?")

Your eyes may glaze over after reading this but I think it's a real, serious problem we'll have to deal with forever until we're back to countable, paper ballots for everyone. Let's thank all the fired-up Americans who saw the danger and made Joe Biden an indisputable winner. And let's make damn sure Democrats keep coming out each election until we can fix this.


"Hello Mr. Trump. Remember me? I'm a billion dollars worth of debt. Do you have time to talk?"


Chauncey: "I hear we're entering the limp dick phase of Trump's presidency."

Edgar: "That's 'lame duck'."

Chauncey: "Whatever."


By blocking the transition Trump is openly saying "Let more people die!"

70 million votes for this asshole.

Shaking my damn head.


First full day of the market after Joe Biden is announced winner of the presidency and the stock market goes nuts.
Must be a coincidence.


What a weird week. We said goodbye to one of the most beloved TV personalities while almost at the same time saying "good riddance" to the very worst TV personality.


end rant

News & Notes for November 9, 2020

Even Fox News can no longer stomach all this Trump bullshit.

Mike Pence (OMG) tries to take (LOL) credit for (SMH) Pfizer's new vaccine. (WTAF)

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper afraid Trump will replace him with a flunky and fuck us all.

Adults are soon to be back in charge of the U.S. government.

Trump's head of the GSA is blocking Biden'a transition.

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white house bound comic goodbye trump comic