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The progressive web comic about Trump destroying the GOP.

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Goodbye Asshole!

I'm running a set of "Worst of" comics about the Un-President because he's not worth the effort of a new comic. The less said of him from here on, the better.

From top to bottom the original appearance of the comics above was:



Regarding the two run-off Senate races in Georgia...

Who's more likely to show up?

MAGAts who don't have Trump on the ballot to lure them to the polls.


Energized Democrats eager to flip the Senate.

Democrats can take the Senate back and all we have to do is support the candidates. So send every spare buck you can find to the Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff campaigns.

Thank you!


Just a reminder:

There's a New York grand jury that's been waiting for Trump to lose White House protection for three years. He should be in handcuffs the moment Joe's right hand lifts off that Bible.


I just watched a 2014 documentary about James Randi, the famed magician who spent much of his life unmasking charlatans such as "faith-healer" Peter Popoff and "psychic" Uri Gellar. Even though both were publicly revealed by Randi to be cheap frauds they both were and are still able to find paying customers suckers because, as James says, "People prefer simple lies to honest truth."

The unscrupulous actions of these men perfectly describe the phenomena of t-Rump's voters. During the 2016 Presidential debates Hillary Clinton looked the TV lens right in the eye and told us exactly who and what t-Rump really was yet too many people decided they preferred the glorious myths he had woven about himself.

Thankfully, four million more voters believed Biden's truths over t-Rump's lies in this election. Let's hope the bully pulpit in the hands of honest intelligent people like Joe and Kamala can drive that percentage even higher over the next four years.


end rant

News & Notes for November 7, 2020

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the election!

Donald Fucking Trump lost his bid for reelection.

70 million Trump voters can go eat shit.

Adults are soon to be back in charge of the U.S. government.

Fuck Trump Fuck Trump Fuck Trump Fuck Trump!

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