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The progressive web comic about Biden calling Trump a lying clown at the first debate.

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Orange Eggs and Spoiled Ham

I toyed around with the idea of an illustrated "I Hate Trump Book" but he's toast soon so I thought I'd share some of it with you while it's still relevant.


I hate his hair, I hate his ties
I hate his cellulitic thighs
I hate his constant stream of lies
I really hate that guy.

I hate his current mental state
I hate his sugar-frosted pate
I hope he leaves soon, I can't wait
I really hate that guy.

I hate his blatant nepotism
I hate his obvious racism
I hope he gets an aneurysm
I really hate that guy.

I hate his tiny little hands
I hate his evangelic fans
I hate his loony fascist plans
I really hate that guy.

I hate the catsup on his steaks
I hate his cabinet full of flakes
I wish they'd sabotage his brakes
I really hate that guy.

I hate his evil Russian pals
I hate his screwy rationales
I hope he's carried off by owls
I really hate that guy.

I hate his grifting sons and daughter
I hate his slimy swampy water
I hope they make the police blotter
I really hate that guy.

I hate his black discriminaton
I hate his fake disinformation
I hate his moral constipation
I really hate that guy.

I hate his clumsy elocution
I hate his MAGA Final Solution
I hate his kowtow to pollution
I really hate that guy.

I hate his diapered derrier
I hate his corporate welfare
I hate his narcissistic air
I really hate that guy.

I hate his Nazi fascination
I hate his mango coloration
Bring on the Biden coronation
Because I really hate that guy.

I mean I really, REALLY hate that orange turd.


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News & Notes for October 1, 2020

Trump's ex-security advisor says the president is aiding and abetting Putin.

Biden opens 13-point national lead on Trump... BUT GO VOTE ANYWAY, DAMMIT!

Amy Coney Barrett signed letter urging end of legal abortion.

Debate commission plans to shut off Trump's mic if he doesn't stop being an asshole.

Cornell study: Trump is the biggest source of coronavirus misinformation.

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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)
GOP elephant: Okay, here's what we do. Biden's a stutterer so just pepper him with nonsense until he starts getting rattled.
Trump: Yeah! That's genius!
Biden on stage at the debates: Will you shut up, you lying clown!
Trump: Any other ideas, genius?

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