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The progressive web comic about how Republican's lie during presidential debates.

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GOP Deja Vu

The Russians used Facebook in 2016 to dissuade millions of voters to sit out the election.

They're back this year. They know everything about you and they will micro-target you with disinformation, so double and triple-check everything you read on social media that sounds at all strange or suspicious.

33 days to go. We got this.

Go Joe!


If you watched the debate last night and you felt Biden was searching for words, he was but not because he's 77. It's because he stutters and he pauses to go through his mental index for words he can pronounce cleanly. And he was doing it in the face of a firehose of raw sewage from the mouth of Dimestore Hitler.

Mad props to Mr. Biden.


When Dubya took this country to war against Iraq we all scratched our heads and said "WTF?". It made no sense to anyone at the time. Now we know it was meant to destabilize the Middle East and super-embiggen the military-industrial money trough. Among other conservative machiavellian end-times schemes.

I'm getting the same head-scratchy feeling after watching t-Rump during the debate. Think of him what you will but he's smarter than the act he put on tonight. I've had this suspicion all along but the kabuki he engaged in last evening is, I think, part of his plan to intentionally throw the election.

I'm serious.

His colicky howler monkey routine was in no way going to earn him more votes. He dog-whistled to his core group of voters, of course, but he made the rest of America consider increasing their alcohol intake. His talk of ballot insecurity, the packing of the Supreme Court, and his attempted destruction of the USPS has earned him no sway with voters either Red or Blue.

Unfortunately for us all, Republican fuckery and a fierce resurgence of covid-19 this winter will result in the economy tanking hard just about the time Biden raises his right hand. By that time t-Rump and his kids will be long gone, sunning themselves on a tropical beach somewhere, safe from the long arm of American jurisprudence.

As for t-Rump's famous debts, even if he won the election he's still on the short end of a half-billion in personal loans and no way to pay them off with a $400k salary and a brand that's pure poison. So imagine if he has a big payday waiting for him on those tropical shores if he follows orders and leaves this country a burning husk in his wake? There's nothing left for him here except jail, so he's made a deal. And a half billion dollars is a small price for a foreign government to pay to drive a once-mighty opponent to its knees.

And when Republicans relentlessly point to the way "Biden destroyed the economy" in the run-up to the 2024 elections that will probably put Romney on the throne, then the vultures will descend to pick the bones.


end rant

News & Notes for September 30, 2020

Trump didn't let Biden talk because he's scared shitless.

Ex-RNC chairman says he's voting for Biden.

Mark Hamill calls first presidential debate "Worse than the Star Wars Holiday Special".

Trump slammed for claiming his campaign rallies didn't spread coronavirus.

Biden campaign raises a record $3.8 million in one hour after the debate with Trump.

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