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The progressive web comic about Trump's taxes.

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Weighty Matters

Why does the whole end-game for t-Rump's theft of the next election suddenly seem to revolve around this new Supreme Court judge being rushed into place? This is not their Plan A for stealing the election and it never was. What practical difference would it make if the SCOTUS decided 5-3 in t-Rump's favor in electoral litigation rather than 6-3?


So rushing this judicial quisling through the approval gauntlet is not meant to help t-Rump triumph in January. In fact, it shows how little confidence the GOP has in The Dotard's chances of ever coming close enough to winning the vote to make a federal case out of it.

Seating a judge this fast is just another power grab by the owners of the GOP. Democrats may control all three branches of government after the election but a Supreme Court with the addition of this Handmaiden From Hell is going to lean this country so far to the Right no one will be able to keep the cheese on their pizzas.

Here's hoping Mr. Schumer unleashes a storm of obstructive arrows from his legal quiver, and soon.

Meanwhile, vote Blue. You know you want to.


Who the HELL pays $750 on his taxes and $130,000 on sex with one woman, both in the same year?


Headlines from the Painfully Obvious News Network:

"Grass Is Green!"

"Water Is Wet!"

"Trump Is A Huge Tax Cheat!"

"Trump's Voter's Still Love Him Anyway!"

"Nation's Populace With an Ounce of Common Sense Remaining Pound Heads Against Walls In Vain Effort To Dull the Pain of Having To Endure That Fat Orange Criminal Sackacrap Every Damn Day!!"


When Joe Biden wins the election nothing that he does, as president, is going to be illegal.

Right, Republican Party?



(Something about chickens coming home to roost)


During Tuesday's Presidential debate (If there IS one) I hope that Joe will pause a moment after he's asked a question, sort of squint off into the distance, then look squarely at t-Rump and say:

"$750? Really? $750. Huh. Look, if you need a few bucks I'll be happy to loan you something. I wouldn't want that mangy rat on your head to go hungry."


end rant

News & Notes for September 28, 2020

Over one million Americans have already cast their votes.

Trump is almost a half-a-billion dollars in debt.

The New York Times broke no law while revealing Trump's taxes.

Trump's massive debt is a national security crisis.

Donald Trump couldn't manage a lemonade stand.

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GOP lies comic dumpster fire trump comic