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Into the Bin

Here's what I'm thinking lately.

Once t-Rump loses the election and leaves the White House, even if by force, particularly if by bloody force, I will delete every cartoon about t-Rump that I have ever created.

All of them.

You might say we need them for historical reasons, to remind us of our bad decision to not immediately burn down Washington back on 2016 when we realized our grave mistake that horrible November day but, I should remind you, that I created a LOT of comics about Dubya, too, and none of them appear to have made the slightest dent in raising public awareness of just how stupidly evil the Republican Party can be.

The obverse of this decision is, in addition to my usual 'toons, to also create images of t-Rump being tortured in any number of delightfully perverse ways. I have this one idea involving a plastic chair, an old guitar strap, an assortment of vile, foamy liquids...

Ah, but I've said too much.



The holidays are coming so it's obvious that we're going to have to adapt to the new viral situation.

One thing I'm sure we'll need are Christmas songs that address the contemporary reality but also provide pleasant background music as we shop online. Some of the titles might include the following:

"Stay Home, All Ye Faithful"
"Super Spreader Is Coming To town"
"The Twelve Days of ICU"
"Coughin' In A Winter Wonderland"
"I Saw Mommy Infecting Santa Claus"
"I'll Be Ventilated For Christmas"
"Rudolph, the Red-State Reindeer"
"Grandma Got Run Over by a Cytokine Storm"
"It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like 14th Century Europe"
"Please Stay Home for Christmas"

And, if we're lucky, perhaps the ghost of Elvis will rise from the dead to serenade us in his own inimitable fashion with this modest rewrite of that old favorite "I'll Be Home For Christmas."

Take it it away, boys.

I'm staying home for Christmas
Isolating socially
I'll stay here unless I need beer
Or a covid-19 test for me.

Christmas eve will find me
Hand-washing compulsively
I'll be home for Christmas
So I won't be a casualty
So I won't be a cas-swahl-teeeeeeeeeee.

Thanka. Thanka vermuch.


end rant

News & Notes for September 25, 2020

Military will not follow unlawful Trump orders over the election.

Lindsay Graham is reduced to begging for campaign funds because voters hate him.

FBI Director says Trump's voter fraud claims are full of crappola.

Wall Street hates Trump, loves Biden.

Trump tries to bribe seniors with $200 medicine discount cards.

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