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The progressive web comic about Biden calling Trump a lying clown at the first debate.

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Election Projection

Sorry to be so slow with the 'toonage for the past week but I've been watching, fascinated, as the t-Rump campaign slowly sinks into the quicksand of bad ideas...

Or, watching the t-Rump Criminal Machine begin gaining speed for the Big Heist that will occur on Election Day or soon thereafter.

The latest I've heard is that Barr will start arresting key Post Office officials on November 3rd citing fraud of some kind. This is no doubt a ploy to affect the mail-in votes.

Hang on to your seats, kiddies, 'cause the ride's about to get REAL bumpy.

(Of course, Typhoid Drumpf could kick the bucket 'tween now and next month and all this will only be partially moot.)

Now, on with the snark.


Near as I can tell t-Rump's hospital stay has cost the tax-payers about as much as one of his golf trips. But what's another $3 million at this point?


t-Rump went on Fox News this morning and demanded that his political rivals (Hillary, Obama, Biden) be thrown in jail for.... reasons?

Doesn't that mean Joe Biden, as our next president, has been given tacit approval by t-Rump his own self to toss t-Rump in jail? Especially if he's been, oh, I dunno, conspiring with Russians to fix the election or something?


Why is the GOP in such a panicked rush to seat a hardline conservative Supreme Court justice unless they're absolutely certain that t-Rump would lose the....




After mulling the Veep debate over I think the final decision between the two comes down to the question we all have to ask ourselves, which is "Which one would I trust with the safety of my children and which one would be more likely to use the fat of my children's bodies to grease the winches of his portcullis?"


t-Rump: Bill, this covid stuff is pretty bad. if I don't make it I'd like you to fulfill my last requests.

Barr: Anything for you, pal.

t-Rump: First, send all the Blacks back to Africa, then send all the Hispanics back to Mexico.

Barr: You bet.

t-Rump: Also see to it that Ivanka rules this country forever.

Barr: Consider it done.

t-Rump: Finally, have McDonald's name a cheeseburger after me. CHEESEBURGER!

Barr: Hush now, my darling.


And, finally...

I think the biggest problem in determining if the Oaf of Office is infected with covid-19 is that his sinus cavities are, by this time, packed tight with alternating layers of spent adderall and Ivanka's underpants.


end rant

News & Notes for October 8, 2020

Trump refuses to participate in second presidential debate.

FBI foils plot by white supremacists to kidnap Michigian governor.

Nancy Pelosi think it's high time she whips out the 25th Amendment.

Trump wants Biden arested for.... something, anything!

Republican Senator blurts out that he hates democracy.

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