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The Criminal Glide-Path

What's Amy Coney Barrett's main problem with the ACA?
She'll destroy affordable health care for millions because insurance companies provide birth control as part of their health plan.

Yes, it's all about the birth control. It's not Jesus-y enough for her liking.

So, men? Your prostate cancer? Forget about it. Amy hates birth control pills so you're fucked.

Kids with asthma or diabetes? Screw 'em. Getting rid of birth control is much more important than drawing a normal breath or keeping your toes.

Had a case of covid-19 and now you need new insurance since the ACA's been whacked? Sorry, no pre-existing condition for you because women want to control their reproduction with means safer than throwing themselves down the stairs or stocking up on coat-hangers.

What's worse than a person with just three years of experience on the bench suddenly getting a lifetime job deciding what God wants for us all? How about a con man with NO years of experience choosing her for the position.


Anyone out there with one or more children? Do you or did you not find your life, to put it nicely, "complicated" with their care?

So does anyone else think a Supreme Court justice with seven kids in their, active, hormonal years might find themselves a LITTLE distracted from their legal duties? I, personally, would find such a commitment to seven young barbarians no less arduous, certainly more sleep-depriving, than cleaning the Augean Stables with a toothbrush.

By contrast, Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor have no children, which is ideally what you'd like of someone in a job as critical as the Supreme Court.

Amy Barrett's religious-cum-legal ideology would be, if these were normal times, the obvious crux for her rejection from the bench so I think it would be highly advisable for her to accomplish her task of child-rearing before reconsidering her application, donning the black robes and mandating red robes for all fertile woman.

(Lest you think this an attack on motherhood and all that sacred cow stuff let's have a little mental exercise where we imagine Ms. Barrett has 101 children. Would you then consider her role of mother as being a full-time job? Yes? No? Would 50 fulfill the requirement? 25? 10? Just asking.)


Stop me if you've heard this one.

The World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize that Rageneron McStemcells so feverishly desired.
You know who was a chairman of the World Food Program from 2013-2019?

Hunter Biden.

Meanwhile, the Maskless Terror and his kids (Eric, DJ, and Ivanka) are legally banned from ever running charity programs without adult supervision because the last time they ran one they stole funds intended for children with cancer.


And, finally...

Voting third-party is not what adults do.

We have a clear choice between a fascist, Trump, and a non-fascist, Biden. It's not a difficult choice and voting for "Hooter McTooter", the Mauve-Party candidate, isn't going to help save this Republic.

Vote Blue, or I won't love you. Not even a little.

Okay, maybe a little.


end rant

News & Notes for October 12, 2020

Barr violated election law and must be impeached.

The Simpsons list 50 reasons why Trump is terrifying.

California Republicans are installing fake ballot boxes.

5000 lawyers oppose Barrett Supreme Court nomination!

Texas adds 300,000 voters in the past two weeks.

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