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The progressive web comic about Trump crimes and corruptions, part two.

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The Story So Far

You might be axing yourself, "Why is Lefty limiting his ire on t-Rump corruption to just this past September?"

It's because I have enough of these things to fill the rest of this month even if I created a new comic every dang day. In other words, I'm trying to make a point that will be most effective when the whole collection is complete. Which is not to say I won't do a one-off 'toon or two along the way.

Yes, I know these comics don't have the soul-satisfying impact of illustrating our dear quisling launching himself head-first into a wood-chipper, carrying his own testicles in his mouth, so bear with me while I do my civic doody.


A quick scan of the news reveals that the campaign of Don Wannadonuttin is, as expected, pulling out all the slimy electoral stops.

Don't fret.

Sit back, take a deep breath and know that Travis county in Texas, in which deep-Blue Austin resides, has registered 97% of its eligible voters. Austin is PISSED about t-Rump and his brand of mismanagement, and the rest of the country is, too.

Vote. And vote deep, DEEP Blue.

Oh, and call your senator and remind them that this is 2020, not 1784, and that Amy Coney Barrett is a Manchurian turnip.



Mitt Romney tweeted that Keith Olbermann is a "rabid hater" of the president*. You know what THAT means. Yeah, Keith has the GOP freaking out so you gotta watch Keith and you ought to Subscribe to his Youtube channel as he offers a new "Worst Person in the World" five times a week.


end rant

News & Notes for October 14, 2020

Biden's free college tuition plan could pay off within ten years.

Lindsay "Oh, mah Heavens" Graham jokes about the good old days of segregation.

Trump's much ballyhooed Obama and Biden probe reveals bupkis.

Corporate-tool Amy Barrett refuses to offer support for birth control of same-sex marriage.

The New York Post is pushing Russian misinformation.

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September 3, 2020: Trump sues Montana to limit mail-in voting. (Dude, there's, like, twelve people in Montana. T: Can't be too careful.)
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trump crimes part three trump crimes part one