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The progressive web comic about Trump crimes and corruptions, part three.

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Yes, Part Three-O

Do you think NBC knew Trump would self-destruct in last night's town hall and so that was the real reason they afforded him the time?

Because it sure worked.


The White House Press Secretary who said she'd never lie just got her Twitter account locked for lying.

Biden and Trump are having separate town halls tonight because Trump is scared of Biden. Because Trump is scared of Biden. Because Trump is scared of Biden.

Trump Plaza in Atlantic City is going to be imploded on about the same day as the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The Universe is self-aware and has a sense of humor.

Set your TV's to MSNBC this evening and just as Trump comes on switch to ABC. The ratings people notice this stuff.

Trump called Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer a "dictator". Not Xi, not Putin, not Duterte. I do not think he knows what that word means.

Four years ago Trump asked a rally crowd "What have you got to lose?" Amy Coney Barrett was apparently the answer.

Democratic parliamentary procedures may slow the vote for Barrett long enough to allow special elections to seat enough Democratic Senators to tip the vote. Take heart.

The GOP isn't worried about voter fraud, they're worried that mail-in voting makes their walk-up voter suppression tactics ineffective.

A reminder that the polls show Biden way ahead, but polls don't vote. Go vote.

Nineteen days to go. We got this.


We needed to replace a Supreme Court Justice and the best candidate the GOP could offer is someone with no experience on the bench, who thinks the n-word is just dandy in the workplace, who won't offer an opinion on settled law, and who not only seems to want to take the country back to 1785 but also doesn't understand irony.

The last Justice seated by the GOP was a whiny, alcoholic, sexual predator who had massive debt problems that mysteriously vanished upon his nomination. When tasked with the challenge of picking a worse Supreme Court Justice than Kavanaugh the Heritage Foundation seemed to say "Hold my exclusive and ludicrously expensive imported hand-brewed craft beer."


end rant

News & Notes for October 15, 2020

Rudy Giuliani's daughter endorses Joe Biden.

Nutbag Trump refuses to denounce nutbag QAnon at town hall.

Mitch McConnell tells hungry, jobless, desperate American famililes to go fuck themselves.

Trump trounced by Biden in Youtube viewings of competing town halls.

Trump admits he's $400 million in debt but he still won't reveal to who.

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