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The progressive web comic about Trump going down the escalator into the fiery pit of Hell.

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Trump Goes Down

"In chaos we can steal." - Unofficial GOP motto

In 2001 Dubya told his director of security that he'd "covered his ass" when told about Al Qaeda's intention to attack this country. Dubya then flew down to Florida and read books to kids on 9-11, which he did every Tuesday. <eye-roll>

Chaos ensued.

Much stealing occurred. Not the least of which was the Bill of Rights after the PATRIOT Act was crammed down our throats. The specter of Saddam Hussein and his nukes laying waste to this country, a fable pitched nonstop by Dubya and the Gang, opened a huge hole in the Treasury and money flowed like water into the pockets of Murder, Incorporated, better known as the military-industrial complex.

Then the economic recession occurred. The only thing that bothered the Republican Party about it (Romney, in fact, wanted the auto companies to fail.) was that they mistimed the financial meltdown, actually planning it to drop into Obama's lap so they could blame the black guy, not trail off at the end of Dubya's reign of error.

Chaos ensued.

Much more stealing occurred. This time by the banks who Dubya tipped nearly a trillion bucks before retreating to his meager, little artist's garrett in the most expensive and white part of Dallas.

(Historical note: After the 2009 Recession the people of Iceland threw their bankers in jail and rewrote their Constitution so that such shenanigans could not occur again.)

So you understand why the GOP loves Trump. He's chaos personified. As a result of BENGHAZI-BENGHAZI-BENGHAZI! the wealthy struck a gold mine twice during his time in office, from both the "Tax Reform Bill of 2018" and the trillions in covid-19 relief the corporations intercepted before it reached the desperate hands of Main Street. The wreck of an economy Trump is leaving behind only ensures another opportunity for the rich to pick the bones clean. Again.

The Republican Party loves chaos. They do not love Jesus, the unborn, or guns anywhere near them. They love Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt. They do not love anyone who cannot benefit them financially. They love money, they love power. They are not a political party. They are a criminal organization and we need, going forward, to treat them as such.

Vote Blue.


The people of Dallas County, where I live, will be voting Deep Blue this November, as usual, but the editors of the Dallas Morning News spat in their collective faces this Sunday by declaring they had no horse in the Presidential race. Not Biden, not t-Rump, just "Whoever you think is best. They're literally indistinguishable from one another" went their reasoning.

(Oh, but go vote for Senator John Cornyn, the paper advised. No problem with good old Lickspittle John.)

The DMN looked at the thousands dead and dying of disease and of the millions without jobs and said "Meh."

The DMN looked at an impeached president who conspired with Russians to win an election, and is doing it again, and said "Ho-hum."

The DMN looked at t-Rump's 2016 campaign promises, saw that none of them were fulfilled, and said "Like we care?"

The DMN looked at the bloated, fetid, steaming heap that is the national debt and said "Hey, what's for lunch?"

The DMN watched t-Rump's bat-shit, drunken-uncle, chemically-ignited performance at the first Presidential debate and said "Nothing suspicious here."

The DMN heard t-Rump all but demand a hit on Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitman and said "Oh, gee. Look at the time."

I could go on. In fact, I will.

The DMN is locally famous for its award-winning sports pages, on which it depends for much of its revenue. But I read that paper in the teeth of the Shutdown and you could sense the fear emanating from each content-less and ad-less sports page they printed. t-Rump's inability to quell the pandemic cost the DMN thousands, perhaps millions of dollars over that period and will continue to cost them more as the economy continues to falter. t-Rump is a literal existential threat to the survival of this newspaper and yet the Editors said "Whatever."

My town, my county, needs a good newspaper. Too bad we don't have one.

Vote Blue.

Addendum: I took a moment to rethink the reasoning behind the editor's decision and it's clearly because they know that Joe Biden will win Dallas County easily so why should the editor's suffer the consequences of death threats or whatever novel abuse t-Rump supporters will invite upon them should the paper have outright chosen Joe. So the Editors punted. Still gutless, still unconscionable.


end rant

News & Notes for October 19, 2020

Republicans suddenly remember they hate deficit-spending.

Trump is a billion dollars in debt.

Let's talk about Ivanka Trump and her millions earned in the White House.

Trump looks into mirror and calls Fauci "an idiot".

Nearly 28 million Americans have already voted.

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