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Prisoner # 864511032020

I post my 'toons all over the inter-tubes and I've learned something really interesting about these "Trump Crimes" comics I've been making lately...

People hate 'em.

This is not an attempt at pity, just an admission that I know these comics are not exciting or super-wacky or provide material for mid-afternoon erotic fantasies. They're just my way of venting accumulated anxiety by painting a portrait of the ceaseless insanity that comes from letting a county populated by morons choose their leaders based on their inability to afford even basic cable.

Anyway, there will be more of these type of 'toons before this adminstration goes FOOM! but I'll do what I can for you about the erotic fantasies part.


Some of you are taking the option to vote in person, so please stay safe. I'm mailing mine in, tomorrow.

However, I've already heard stories of voters standing in line to vote only to be harrassed by red-hatted "poll watchers" asking for identification. If you encounter such louts here's what you need to do:

(1) Tell him to take a hike.

(2) Take his picture.

(3) Call the FBI: 202-307-2767 or 800-253-3931

Seriously! Write that shit down.

Then continue voting. Tell 'em Lefty sent ya.


If you can’t handle ‘60 Minutes’ you can’t handle 4 more years. - @caslernoel

I probably don’t need to tell anyone this, but a President having a secret Chinese bank account is a big deal, and a massive counterintelligence threat. - @angrierWHStaff

One of the most inspiring things about this year has been seeing so many young people organizing, marching, and fighting for change. And to change the game on any of the issues we care about, we've got to vote for Joe Biden and KamalaHarris. - @BarackObama


end rant

News & Notes for October 20, 2020

The Trump campaign blew a billion dollars on... stuff.

Mitch McConnell told White House to just let Americans starve.

Trump has a secret Chinese bank account.

Trump pitches fit and walks out on "60 Minutes" segment.

U.S. billionaires gained almost $1 trillion in wealth during the pandemic.

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