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The progressive web comic about Trump suppressing the vote.

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Projectile Voting

Wind turbines kill about 300,000 birds per year.
By the end of this year covid-19 will have killed about 300,000 Americans.

Guess which one t-Rump is more concerned about?


The U.S. hit a record high 83,000 covid-19 infections on Friday.

I'm currently of the opinion that the only reason t-Rump has done everything he can to help spread the virus is that it's Putin's wish that he do so. That the more virus we have in this country the worse our economy will do, which benefits Russia.

I'm not saying t-Rump is perfectly complicit in Putin's plan as he's only a "big-picture guy" if the picture is of a president on a stack of money. I don't think he hates America enough to destroy it but he'll follow Putin's orders if he thinks it will keep him out of jail. Everyone else can go straight to Hell.


It also may explain why it often seems that t-Rump is making the kind of questionable decisions that could cause him to lose the election as he apparently plans to throw the government into chaos and then abscond to lands unknown with his brood in tow before the inauguration.

Convince me otherwise.


At the debate last night I learned from Agolf Twittler that Joe Biden has a billion-dollar, bird-killing Russian laptop that will cost the American people a hundred-trillion-dollars because the oil companies will not get to frack in our national parks which means every family will pay thousands more in taxes when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez replaces your windows with little, tiny ones so we can't see Hunter Biden's solid-gold Chinese limousine dragging cages filled with immigrant babies down to the border as Barack Obama stands off to one side wearing a "I Heart H1N1" t-shirt.

Trump, on the other hand, loves negroes, because he said so.


end rant

News & Notes for October 24, 2020

Go to trumpcovidplan.com. Just do it.

Trump's rallies have left clusters of coronavirus in their wakes.

Faceook sees electoral writing on the wall. Pulls 48 Trump political ads.

Trump is consistently authoritarian.

Trump directive halts all State Department diversity training.

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