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Amy Coney Barrett Sucks

Trump looked at the stock market and at the possibility of two million Americans dead of virus and said "Dow Jones, über alles."

Yeah, that worked out well.


"60 Minutes" asked Trump about his health plan but didn't push him for details.

But, ohhhhhh, they asked Joe Biden how he was going to pay for his expanded health care plan.

Man, fuck CBS.


The GOP stuck a metaphorical funnel in the U.S. electorate's metaphorical ass and filled it full of metaphorical molten lead in the actual personage of Amy Coney Barrett.

I hope any calculation by the GOP that this will aid them in the upcoming election blows up in their faces like a Chernobyl-powered Hindenberg.


We have Devos fucking up the schools and DeJoy fucking up the mail, and DeAsshole letting us die from virus.

Ain't dat DeShits?


If Trump DOES win you can almost bet any vaccine that eventually becomes available will be expensive, in strangely short supply, and delivered first to states that voted for him.


Brett Kavanaugh could hardly wait for the concrete to dry around Lady Liberty's ankles before sharing his opinion that mail-in votes don't matter.

What a monstrous asshole.


President Jimmy Carter helped give us Ruth Bader Ginsburg by appointing her to the U.S. Court of Appeals.

As such, you will never convince me he was a failed President.


When I look at the state of this country and I look at the Dallas Cowboys I think it's perfectly accurate to label them as "America's Team".


I vow that I, as one who creates and disseminates progressive messaging, shall soldier on until the last polling station closes on the 3rd of November.

After that, I'll still keep at it. I have to.


end rant

News & Notes for October 27, 2020

Obama says Trump is jealous of covid-19 for getting all the news coverage. Neener-neener.

Texas is leading the nation in youth voter turnout.

Lesley Stahl receiving death threats from conservative morons over interview with whiny, bitchy Trump.

Trump is still in court over a rape charge. You understand, right? The president is accused of rape. Actual rape.

Brett Kavanaugh attaches his mouth to Trump's tiny dick and lays out legal plan to steal the election.

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trumps' analyst comic trump voter suppression comic