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The progressive web comic about trump getting therapy.

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The President's Anal List

Signal is an app that encrypts data (pictures, text, voice) between any two users. No record is kept of any data sent between sender and recipient. It's free and open source.

AG Bill Barr doesn't like Signal and is behind legislation that would force the release of the data from any Signal session because it might include criminal activity.

Bill Barr uses Signal.

Surprise, huh?


Did you hear about the Nebraska t-Rump rally last night, in freezing temperatures, where they bused in 6000 attendees but forgot to bus them all out?

This was just t-Rump's way of saying "Free bus rides are for commies. Besides, this isn't cold. Let me tell you about Melania...."


end rant

News & Notes for October 28, 2020

Son of former Supreme Court Judge Kennedy helped Trump secure loans at Deutshce Bank.

FBI showed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a stack of photos of fucking assholes who want to kill her.

Racist Trump allies plotted to repress Black vote.

More than 2000 attorneys say Trump is SURPRISE engaging in a slow-motion coup of the government.

Trump left hundreds of supporters out in the freezing cold.

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