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Progressive comic about the GOP ignoring election safety.

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Holes Big Enough To Drive A Truck Through

From a Twitter thread by @sethabramson:

What We Learned From the Mueller Testimony

1. A vast Trump-Russia counterintelligence is ongoing.

2. Federal law enforcement can't confirm Trump isn't compromised by Russia.

3. Mueller's only focus was Trump's obstruction.

4. There is substantial evidence that Trump aided and abetted computer crimes.

5. There is substantial evidence that Trump committed the federal felony of making false statements to law enforcement.

6. Trump claims of "no collusion", "no obstruction". and "no evidence of conspiracy or coordination" are all false.

7. Trump can be charged with obstruction post-presidency and would been charged but for the Office of Legal Counsel memo.

8. Any Trump crimes involving other nations are still unreported.

9. Republicans have no objections to any of the damning facts in the Mueller Report.

10. Mueller chose not to interview Trump face-to-face because he thought he already had enough evidence of "corrupt intent" on obstruction.

11. Trump witnesses impeded the investigation.

12. Trump and his aides opened themselves to Kremlin blackmail.

13. Trump not reporting offers of foreign aid can be a crime.

14. Trump's campaign manager spent the whole campaign expecting to receive financial compensation from the Kremlin for his stewardship of Trump.

15. Trump is not exonerated.


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