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The Dog Ate My Democracy

I just earned a three-day ban on Facebook today.


Because of this post:

How a voting ballot appears to a Republican:

( ) White Male (R)
( ) Some damn ni@@er (D)
( ) Some damn woman (I)
( ) Some damn fa@@ot (G)

Facebook (Actually, FB's bots) claimed I attacked people based on their race on gender preference.

Not. Fucking. Hardly.

I tried working the old "Star Trek logic" trap on them but their little circuit boards gave me the cyber-finger.

Yes, the post was incendiary but it's not like shouting "Free Tiki Torches!" in a crowded KKK meeting. Three days goes fast so I'm not sweating it. All the more time to draw cartoons, right?

BTW, don't pooh-pooh Facebook. I have a strong following there and run a tight, progressive ship. It's a safe place to ridicule conservatives, at least until Grammaw 'Book got all fussy.


The timing of the DOJ's reinstatement of the death penalty was just perfect for Chuck Todd to ask the Democratic presidential candidates which one's are in favor of allowing convicted murderers of women and children to continue to live.

"So tell me, Mr. Buttigieg, if someone murdered your husband would you want them executed. Oh, and are you still beating your grandmother?"

Fuck Chuck.


Speaking of the Debates, keep in mind that the Democratic candidates for president are not promising "free stuff" as the Republican Patsy's claim. They're promising stuff you'd already have if Republicans weren't tightly focused on giving as many tax dollars as possible to their rich supporters.


At the Democratic debates I hope one of the candidates says "As president I'm going to build a wall between the US and Mexico and pay off the national debt in eight years. Nahhhh, I'm just kidding. Only a moron would promise that. Right?"


Let's be honest... if Trump started wearing a little black mustache and an armband emblazoned with a swastika his poll numbers among Republicans would go up.

Meaning Trump is the King of Fools. and there seem to be no end of fools in this kkkountry.


end rant

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