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Progressive comic about the GOP ignoring climate change.

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McConnell's Ark

Noah: “Get in here! It’s starting to rain.”

Elephants: “Are you stupid? It’s always rained. Give us the peanuts.”

Noah: “Dudes! The water’s getting into the boat!”
Elephants: “Not our problem.”

Noah: “Oh, shit! There go the unicorns!”
Elephants: “Gay!”

Noah: “Look! You either get on board or we all drown together!”

Elephants: “We’re not worried. Our mansion's are surrounded with big beautiful walls to keep the 99% of species out.”

Noah: “How high are those walls?”

Elephants: “Oh, about as high… as this... water.….. Okay, we’re coming in but we insist on five elephants on the Supreme Ark Court.”


Dubya covered his war crimes with a worldwide recession. Never forget that.


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Google Chow (Eat hearty, little Google-bots!)

Noah's ark, GOP elephants
Sorry, Noah, but the Peanut Lobby thinks this whole "flood" thing is a hoax so this ark ain't going nowhere until they see some tax breaks.

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